Events and Invitations


28 May
Ecological problems, growing energy demand, and the prospect of oil depletion have created the need for the development of environmentally friendly technologies based on renewable raw materials. Can biofuel meet energy conservation needs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Or is it just a marketing ploy? Why do some people think that biofuel production is dangerous and what does hydrogen have to do with it? What research is being done on biofuel?
Direction: Science
Event format: Online lecture
20 - 22 May
School for students entering the master's degree program of the Academy of Engineering
The goal of the school is to bring together talented graduates of undergraduate and technical specialties in the natural sciences; deepening knowledge and skills in the field of mechanics and mechatronics, mechanical engineering and instrument making, subsoil use and oil and gas business, construction, architecture and innovation management.
Direction: Science
Event format: School
19 May
Seminar on nonlinear problems of PDE and mathematical physics on topic “Properties of solutions of degenerate parabolic equations with an inhomogeneous density”
The qualitative properties of solutions of parabolic equations with double non-linearity and with an inhomogeneous density are investigated. Under certain conditions of the decrease of the density function at infinity the following properties of the solutions of the Cauchy problem are established: