Events and Invitations


24 Jun
Seminar “Effects and challenges of wireless sensor networks and internet of things in smart cities”
The Internet of Things (IoT) serves as a system interconnecting the physical world to the digital world and offers new opportunities for the advancement of smart cities. The exciting potential of IoT can contribute significantly to various aspects of smart cities and environment and technologies.
21 Jun
Seminar “Blockchain for Trustless Security of Critical National Infrastructure”
One of the key enabling technologies of smart cities is the Internet of Things (IoT). In recent years, IoT has developed into many areas of application including critical national infrastructure (CNI) such as transport, hospitals and power distribution grid. CNI systems depend heavily on IoT devices to perform autonomous actions or inform human decision makers.
18 Jun
Seminar “6TiSCH Tri-Layer Network Architecture for Energy-Efficient Offloading in Smart Industries”
The smart industry is a significant realization of the internet of things. IPv6 over time-slotted channel hopping (6TiSCH) is the new standard that has emerged as a promising technology for industrial communications. The demanding issues of smart industries include scalability, latency, and energy efficiency.