Events and Invitations


29 Nov
Interuniversity Spanish Reading Competition
Purpose of competition - the purpose of the event is to encourage the study of Spanish and to improve students' pronunciation skills in Spanish - intonation and speech fluency.
Direction: Education
Event format: Competition
19 Nov
Scientific seminar “Personal love and higher love in Bunin’s understanding in his works of the Ceylon cycle”
The scientific seminar is dedicated to improving the quality of teaching foreign languages and cultures in accordance with the new challenges posed to humanitarian education; expanding active contacts with scientists and teachers of foreign languages from leading universities, raising the status of foreign languages, developing the academic reputation of the RUDN University and the incoming mobility of leading scientists in the RUDN University.
18 Nov
International studenst conference “Language and cultures: prospects for development in the 21st century”
The international conference arranged for students and teachers of foreign languages will contribute to improving the quality of learning foreign languages and cultures in accordance with the new requirements for education in Social Sciences and Humanities. Globalization process brings about the necessity of changing methods of foreign languages teaching, rethinking global values, methodological basis and the results of linguistic education.
11 Nov
XII All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Mass Communication in a Multipolar World: Problems and Prospects"
Direction: Education
Event format: Сonference