“ARS TRADUCENDI: the art of translation”

“ARS TRADUCENDI: the art of translation”

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30 Aug 2016
About the event

All-Russian conference dedicated to the problems of translation “ARS TRADUCENDI: the art of translation” will be held at RUDN IFL within the frame of International Day of Translators” on the 30th of September. Organizers: RUDN IFL ,Institute of World Literature named after A.Gorky .

The following subjects  are planned:

- Current problems of translation

- Translation history

- Problems of literary translation

- Problems of intercultural / interlingual communication

- Methods of teaching translation

- Personal experience of translators

The applications for round tables and monographs on problems of translation are weclomed.

The followig participants are invited: researchers and university teachers, applicants, graduate students, students.

Working languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, German

The deadline for applications: September 10, 2016. For non-residents: August 25, 2016 (due to the necessity of booking a hotel or hostel).

The application must be attached to the summary of the report / article in Russian (not more than 0.5 p.).
The articles justifying reports and / or presenting the results of scientific testing methods and approaches are accapted for publishing. The volume of text is from 21 000 to 40 000 characters, including spaces. Editorial Board reserves the right for competitive selection of texts for publication.


RUDN IFL: Natalia Ogurechnikova,

Phone: +7 (495) 434-71-60, (2438) e-mail: ogurechnikowa_nl@pfur.ru

Institute of World Literature named after A. Gorky: Maria Nenarokova e-mail: maria.nenarokova@yandex.ru

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