Business role game and press conference "My profession is super!"

Business role game and press conference "My profession is super!"

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29 Dec 2020
About the event

December 29, from 1:30 to 4:00 pm Moscow time

RUDN Institute of Foreign Languages ​​ hosts an annual role game and a press conference "My profession is super!" The meeting is held within the framework of RUDN University project "Creative, scientific and educational university event".

Among the co-organizers are students of the Institute of Foreign Languages - members of the scientific "Circle of Psychology Lovers" and the IFL professional student association "Psychology of Management".

The purpose of the interactive meeting is to help students not only acquire solid knowledge, but lay the foundation for fundamental skills, methods of effective work on professional development and personal growth, self-presentation and development of their psychological and teaching competencies.

Students of all institutes, academies and faculties of RUDN University and universities of Russia are invited to participate.

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