II International Conference on Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering (ASEE19)

II International Conference on Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering (ASEE19)

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9 - 12 Jun 2019
Wroclaw (Poland)
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The purpose of the Conference: to gather scientists and engineers working on green energy, environmental protection and ecology and to give them the opportunity to present the results of their research, provide them with a platform for discussion and networking with members of the scientific community.

According to the results of the conference, all presentations submitted in person will be considered for publication in issues indexed by the Web of Science and Scopus databases.

The best articles on the recommendations of the Scientific Committee of the Conference can be published additionally in a journal with a high impact factor (Elsevier publishing house).

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Among the members of the scientific committee of the conference are several representatives of the RUDN University: Doctor of Economics prof. E.Schesnyak, Doctor of Economics prof. E.Savenkova, Doctor of Economics prof. A.Bystryakov.

Organizers: RUDN University, the University of Brunel in London (United Kingdom) and the University of Texas Kingsville (USA).

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