Inter-University Forum of Innovators

Inter-University Forum of Innovators

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2 Nov 2017
About the event

Special attention will be paid to the exhibition of projects and models on the presented topics.

Goals and objectives of this Forum are to improve the quality of training of specialists, masters and postgraduate students who have mastered the methods of creation and research, capable of ensuring the qualitative development of innovative technologies in the field of architecture, constructing, energy, agriculture; increasing the interest of students to the debatable problems of engineering.

A collection of papers indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index system will be published. The best works will be published in specialized scientific journals.

When: 10.00 – 3.00 pm.

Where: 3, Orjonikidze str., Room 340

Contact person: S.Khalabi

Phone:  +7(495)955-07-05


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