International conference «Digital Innovation and global business in the face of new challenges»

International conference «Digital Innovation and global business in the face of new challenges»

The event passed
28 - 29 Oct 2020
Moscow, Miklukho-Maklaya st., 6, RUDN University main building. Conference Hall of the Faculty of Economics
Contact person
Aydrus Irina Ahmed Zein
About the event

The international conference in 2020 is being held for the second year in a row. However, the history of holding international topical events on the basis of the Institute of World Economy (IMEB) of the RUDN University goes back many years. Until 2019, they had the status of international conferences. Each year, the IMEB acted as a platform for discussing the most pressing issues of the global economy.

The global economy was hit hard by the global spread of the epidemic. The factors of international economic development - integration, cooperation and even the international division of labor - are under threat. In some cases, the transition from globalization to regionalization and even protectionism can be traced. Disruptions in the international supply of goods and services, imbalance in global commodity markets, difficulties in direct and portfolio investment require new solutions and coordination efforts in the field of digitalization.

The boom in demand for digital technologies is a new global reality. The growing demand for digital innovation is observed in almost all areas: education, healthcare, finance, entertainment, management and business organization. In the plenary session, speakers will discuss the impact of the pandemic on various areas of international economic cooperation and identify the main directions for increasing the role and demand for digital technologies.

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