International Scientific and Practical Conference «Law and Space: Current Issues and World Trends»

International Scientific and Practical Conference «Law and Space: Current Issues and World Trends»

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2 Feb 2021
About the event

Leading space law experts and researchers will discuss the following issues:

I. General issues of space activities legal regulations:

  • Experience in implementing international treaties on outer space;
  • Prospects for the colonization of celestial bodies (basic parameters of legal regulations);
  • Safety of space activities and traffic control in space;
  • Legal issues of celestial bodies resources development;
  • Prospects for the conclusion and implementation of the "Artemis Accords";
  • Legal regulations of space activities of individuals and companies;
  • Institutional cooperation of states in space exploration;
  • Innovative legislation of the Russian space law;
  • Russia's position: maintaining the status quo or reforming space law.

II. Special issues of space activities legal regulations:

  • Legal regulations of fundamental research (astronomy and geophysics, physics of cosmic rays; physics of cosmic plasma, space materials science; space biology and physiology);
  • Legal regulations of commercial activity (meteorology, remote sensing, navigation systems, television broadcasting, energy, telemedicine);
  • Licensing and insurance of space activities, protection of intellectual property.

By the beginning of the Conference, a collective monograph with materials selected by the organizing committee is to be published.

The event is organized by the O.Kutafin University (Moscow State Law Academy) jointly with Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and the International Association of Lawyers and Economists of France.

The conference will be moderated by:

  • Professor Maria Egorova, Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Moscow State Law Academy, Doctor of Law, Co-President of the International Union of Lawyers and Economists of France;
  • Professor Aslan Abashidze, Head of the Department of International Law of RUDN University, Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, member of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;
  • Professor Vladislav Tolstykh, Head of the Graduate School of Law of Moscow State Law Academy, Doctor of Law.
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