International scientific seminar "German and Russian Neo-Kantianism"

International scientific seminar "German and Russian Neo-Kantianism"

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30 Sep
st. Miklukho-Maklaya, 10/2, room 415
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30 September at 14:00 MSK

Abstracts of the speech:

I devoted two large special articles and many fragments of articles on related topics to the study of the place of Hermann Cohen in the philosophy of dialogue. However, this topic seems to be so important and relevant that it is necessary to constantly return to it from new positions.

Here are the points for discussion in this report:

  1. The foundations of the philosophy of dialogue are contained in all four parts of Cohen’s system, and not only in his religious philosophy. The dialogic approach is not Cohen’s original position, but the result of his lifelong philosophical research.
  2. The role of Cohen as a philosopher of dialogue becomes clear from a consideration of his influence on subsequent philosophers of dialogue, primarily Rosenzweig and Bakhtin.
  3. Cohen’s system contains the most profound and fruitful ideas for the dialogical principle, which were consciously or unconsciously developed by his followers and critics. Therefore, it is Cohen’s teaching that plays a central role in the construction of the modern philosophy of dialogue.
  4. Cohen’s place in the philosophy of dialogue does not contradict his neo-Kantianism and the originality of his own philosophical system, but only reinforces the fact that Cohen was an outstanding original philosopher who stood on the border between the classical ontological philosophy of Plato and Kant and the philosophy of dialogue as a philosophy of the future.



Professors, graduate students, masters and students of PFUR, Higher School of Economics, Russian State University for the Humanities, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Saratov State University. N.G. Chernyshevsky, University of Klagenfurt (Austria).

For in-person participation, please write to the email address:

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