Lecture "New approaches in asymmetric synthesis of unnatural amino acids"

Lecture "New approaches in asymmetric synthesis of unnatural amino acids"

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5 Oct 2020
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Knyazeva Elena
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5, October at 14:00 MSK

Chiral α-amino acids (AA) are important “building blocks” of bioorganic systems. Enantiomerically pure unnatural and (R)-forms of natural α-AA are in great demand in the development of new drugs and antibiotics, as well as in protein modification. In addition, chiral α-AA are widely used as chiral catalysts and ligands. Therefore, the asymmetric synthesis of new unnatural α-AA is a very challenging topic.

The forthcoming report will present new methods for the synthesis of enantimerically enriched α-AA using asymmetric catalysis by chiral cobalt(III) complexes and asymmetric stoichiometric synthesis based on chiral nickel(II) complexes.

Participants: students, postgraduates and scientific-pedagogical workers of the faculty of Sciences of RUDN and other Universities.


Speaker: Vladimir Larionov (INEOS RAS, Russia)

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