Master class "Methodology for measuring physical factors in the field"

Master class "Methodology for measuring physical factors in the field"

The event passed
1 Dec 2022
8/5, Podolskoye shosse, Moscow, RUDN, Institute of Environmental Engineering, room 415
About the event

It is impossible to talk about doing research on the atmosphere, hydrosphere and pedosphere without mentioning the sampling process. However, sampling is not as easy as it might seem. You cannot scoop up water in any convenient place in any free container. You cannot pick up some soil and call it a soil sample.

In order to avoid doubts about the correctness of the results of environmental studies, sampling must be carried out in accordance with regulatory documents, according to a strictly defined methodology, using reliable equipment. Incorrectly performed sampling can change the composition of the sample and distort the results of the analysis, which negatively affects decision making.

The speaker of the master class is Evgenia Sergeevna Kozlova, an employee of the laboratory of “EcoExpert” LLC. “EcoExpert” LLC has been working for many years in the field of environmental monitoring, physical and chemical processes occurring in nature, determination of water, air and soil pollution level. Particular attention is paid to the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of information obtained as a result of these observations.

The participants of the master class are undergraduate and graduate students of the RUDN Institute of Environmental Engineering.

Event goals:

— acquaint the participants with the activities of “EcoExpert” LLC, which recruits employees;

— consider various aspects of fulfilling the tasks that the ecologist faces: monitoring, environmental audit, preparation of reporting and project documentation;

— analyze the normative documentation and sampling methods in different environments.

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