Project 5-100, XXIII seminar-conference: best practices from leading Russian universities and international university rankings

Project 5-100, XXIII seminar-conference: best practices from leading Russian universities and international university rankings

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24 May 2018
Direction: Education
About the event

May 24, RUDN hosts the XXIII open seminar-conference of Project 5-100, dedicated to the exchange of best practices between Russian universities and increasing their competitiveness in the global education market.

The seminar is held in an open format inviting representatives of all Russian universities regardless of their participation in Project 5-100, and is organized with the participation of leading experts in the field of education: Egor Yablokov, Regional Director of Times Higher Education in Russia and CIS countries, Zoya Zaytseva, Regional Director of QS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Alexander Sobolev, Director of the Department of State Policy in Higher Education of the RF Ministry of Education and Science, heads of departments for work with international employees and students of Russian universities etc

The key activities of the conference:

  • Seminar dedicated to the promotion of Russian universities in the world subject rankings, improving the quality of scientific publications in international databases "Practical experience and recommendations of the Project 5-100 universities to improve their global competitiveness";
  • Training seminar "International standards and tools for improving the quality of content and promoting scientific journals in the global information space";
  • Seminar with the participation of industry experts "University, business and government: best practices, models and prospects for interaction";
  • Round tables with leading specialists in the field of higher education, publishing activities of universities and of foreign specialists and students’ recruitment, dedicated to issues of innovation, HR policy, scientometrics and other relevant issues.

For details see here.

Book a hotel near Vnukovo airport or RUDN University on the site of the conference (discount promo code RUDN2018).

Join us at two excursion over campus and 2 RUDN labs – The Center for Medicines Quality Control and the RUDN Engineering Academy Mission Control Center.

For participation in the XXIII seminar-conference of the Project 5-100 in RUDN University, contact representatives of the project office and RUDN here.

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