RUDN University mathematicians open the first in Russia Laboratory of 5G and IoT forward research

RUDN University mathematicians open the first in Russia Laboratory of 5G and IoT forward research

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14 Dec 2017
Direction: Science
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Tactile gloves, robotic hands, augmented reality cameras and glasses, hexacopters with a WiGig station on board – this is what is used by RUDN mathematicians to demonstrate the possibilities of 5G networks and Internet of Things (IoT) research.

14 December, RUDN opens the first in Russia Laboratory of Advanced Research into 5G Networks and Internet of Things that will work in 5 segments: Tactile Internet; Augmented Reality; Flying Video Platform; IoT Traffic Generation; and LPWAN (Low-power Wide-area Network).

Leading RUDN scientists cooperate with colleagues from “YL-Verkot Oy” (Finland), The Bonch-Bruevich Saint - Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (Russia) and Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic) to use the research results for complex solutions in digital economy of big cities.

Speakers at the opening - V.Filippov, Rector of RUDN University, G.Klimenko, RF President’s advisor, A.Gorbatko, Deputy Head of the Department of IT of the Moscow Government, K. Samouylov, Director of RUDN Institute of Applied Mathematics and Communications Technology, A. Koucheryavy, Chairman of the Study Group 11 of the International Telecommunication Union, as well as leading experts in the field of information and telecommunication systems and technologies.

Scientific supervisor – professor K.Samouylov, Director of RUDN IAMT

When: 14 December, 2:30 pm

Where: 3, Ordzhonikidze str, Hall 125.

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