School for prospective master students « RUDN University international model United Nations «U-MODEL» 2017»

School for prospective master students « RUDN University international model United Nations «U-MODEL» 2017»

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5 - 7 Apr 2017
About the event

RUDN University is pleased to announce a school for prospective Master Students “RUDN University International Model United Nations “U-MODEL” 2017” at the Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, from 5-7 April, 2017.


The goals and objectives of this event are the union of students and young researchers in the field of international relations and diplomacy, formation of the acquiring skills among students, such as analysis and formulation of normative and legal documents, familiarization with the basic workflow of international organization management, business and speech etiquette improvement, substantiated defense of their attitude and searching for optimal solutions respecting the interests of various parties.


The UN model is a synthesis of a scientific conference and a role-playing game, where participants - students from different universities of Russia and abroad, simulate the work of United Nations departments within a few days. The participants act as official representatives of the UN Member States and secretariat staff in order to solve some issues of global importance. Committees are held in one or more official UN languages. The ultimate goal of each committee is composing resolutions which will satisfy the attitudes of the largest number of countries. This year the following committees are represented:


The General Assembly (IV Emergency Special Session, 1980), examining the problem of the intervention of Soviet troops in Afghanistan;

IAEA (agenda: North Korea's nuclear program and its threat to the world community);

ECOSOC (agenda: refugees and assistance to migrants);

The Security Council (agenda: the problem of protecting civilians during armed conflicts);

UNCTAD (agenda: perspective of trade relations between Africa and the Middle East).


Traditionally, the UN Model is held for 3 days, and during this time students play roles of delegates-representatives of countries, chosen by them, in the UN bodies, determined by the organizing committee. The model is conducted according to the UN procedural regulations in one or more official UN languages. As a result of game, each committee submits a resolution on the agenda items discussed in the committee. Such a document simultaneously fully corresponds to the original produced by the modeled body and demonstrates viewpoints of students on the way of solving the global problems of mankind.


The UN model is designed to strengthen the cooperation and friendly relations between universities around the world, to unite students in questions of creating a world based on the principles of the United Nations.    


Participants of School for prospective Master Students will be students of the department of Theories and  History of International Relations, professors of the this department as well and special guests – students of Diplomatic Academy, MGIMO, MSU, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russian-Tajik  Slavonic  University, State University of Management, Kosigin University, Buryat State University, Udmurt State University students and etc. They will also acquaint themselves with Master`s Program of Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences of RUDN University.


Contacts: Marina A. Shpakovskaya

Phone number: +7 (915)-191-03-27


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