School for prospective master students «Lifelong Learning»

School for prospective master students «Lifelong Learning»

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26 - 28 Mar 2020
9, st. Miklukho-Maklaya
Contact person
Bezroukova Natalia
About the event

Attracting students to research work almost from the first days of training is one of the priority areas of the university.

Being the most important part of training specialists for an innovative society, research work positively affects students' desire to acquire high-quality research skills, and not just knowledge.

At the stage of preparation at the university already, the research work forms professional competencies that contribute to the demand for graduates in the international labor market.

Topical issues of theoretical and applied linguistics, translation and translation studies, psychology, pedagogy, methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures, foreign regional studies, the theory of intercultural communication, public relations, advertising and management will be the subject of discussions for participants of the School for prospective master students of the RUDN University from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Cyprus, Spain, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Guinea Bissau, North Korea.

The main sessions of the School for prospective master students “Lifelong Learning” are the following:

  • The theory of communication and international public relations (PR).
  • The theory of communication and simultaneous translation.
  • Regional Studies – European Studies.
  • Psycho-Pedagogical Principles of Organizational and Managerial Activities.

Young researchers are expected to meet with leading scientists of the RUDN University Institute of Foreign Languages and their colleagues in the field of theory and practice of foreign languages, intercultural communication, international relations, economics, social management and inclusive education from Russia and foreign countries.

Each of the participants will be able to present their vision of a scientific problem, which sometimes contrary to the generally accepted point of view.

Under the guidance of scientists from the Institute of Foreign Languages, participants will receive a real-time understanding of the areas of research work in the magistracy and postgraduate studies, implemented including the use of artificial intelligence.

School participants will get acquainted with the main aspects of the PR campaign aimed at promoting the university in the international educational services market. A program of student academic mobility and the features of its formation will be presented.

Students of the School will attend lectures and master classes by foreign guest scientists from Europe and Asia.

Among the graduates of the Institute are representatives from Russia and Finland, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Tanzania, China, Uruguay, Italy, CIS and Baltic countries. Today they work successfully around the world, continue their scientific career, the start of which was given at the Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN University.

All undergraduate Bachelor students from Russian universities are kindly invited to participate.

The plenary meeting will take place on 26th, March, 2020 at 12 a.m. in the Institute’s lecture hall.

The summary of the event alongside with the closing ceremony will be held on 28th, March, 2020 at 6 p.m.

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