«Science begins at school»

«Science begins at school»

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17 May 2018
About the event

The VIII competition of school projects of humanitarian, social and economic, natural science, medical-biological and technical profiles for pupils of Moscow and Moscow region is held in RUDN University.

On May 17th 2018 within the frameworks of the RUDN Competitiveness Enhancement Program among the world's leading research and educational centers (Project 5-100) and the Program for the Integrated Modernization of the RUDN University, an annual contest of school projects of the humanities, social, economic, biological and technical profiles for high school students in Moscow and the Moscow region «Science begins at school» will be held at the RUDN University.

The main goal of the contest is to identify and support gifted children, improve work with students in vocational guidance, demonstrate and popularize the achievements of middle-link and senior-link students in the field of scientific creativity, as well as the experience of educational institutions in organizing research and project activities of schoolchildren.

For participation in the multi-discipline competition «Science begins at school» schoolchildren of 9-11th grades in Moscow and the Moscow region are invited.

The subject of consideration at the contest are the projects of students’ research works assuming their knowledge of the current state of the research field, possession of the methodic, availability of data on their own research, analysis, generalization and conclusions.

The work of sections on the following subjects of educational and research projects is provided by the competition:

  • Secrets and treasures of the Russian language.
  • Russian and world literature: searching the moral guidelines.
  • Secrets of the English language: something that not everyone knows.
  • Social studies: synthesis of humanitarian sciences or a self-sufficient discipline?
  • Mathematics is the fundament of sciences.
  • The physics around us.
  • The role of chemistry in modern life.
  • Biology: the living life.

The 2018 competition is held in the form of individual championship.

The competition provides public performances of participants with the results of their own research (inventive) work according to their scientific profiles.

The rules of the competition participants include:

  • public protection of scientific research (inventive) work up to 7 minutes;
  • a discussion lasting from 3 to 5 minutes.

Executed research works should be submitted to the jury during the competition.

Public performance of the competition participant is evaluated in accordance with the developed criteria for assessing the protection.

Winners and prize-winners for each of these profiles are awarded with Cups and Diplomas of I, II, III degrees, other participants receive a certificate of the contestant.

The expert commission of the school projects contest consists of leading teachers of all specialized faculties and institutes of the University.

To take part in the contest of school projects of the humanities, social, economic, scientific, medical and biological and technical profiles "Science begins at school" it is necessary to send an e-mail containing the application form and abstracts of the participant to e-mail: conference-rudn@bk.ru until 6 pm on May 11, 2018.

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