Scientific seminar “Language aspects of integration and self-identification in the modern world”

Scientific seminar “Language aspects of integration and self-identification in the modern world”

The event passed
26 Sep 2022
Direction: Science
Format: Seminar
Contact person
Olga Maximova
About the event

The scientific seminar “Language aspects of integration and self-identification in modern world” will be held online on September 26, 2022. The speakers are the teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages: the senior lecturer Sapata Ruiz Tamara Alievna, the assistant professor, PhD Druzhkov Yakov Mikhailovich.

The purpose of the event: The scientific seminar is dedicated to improving the quality of teaching foreign languages and cultures in accordance with the new challenges posed to humanitarian education; expanding active contacts with scientists and teachers of foreign languages from leading universities, raising the status of foreign languages, developing the academic reputation of the RUDN University and the incoming mobility of leading scientists in the RUDN University.

The tasks of the seminar:

1. to provide insight into the peculiarities of the Dominican variant of the Spanish language.

2. to inform the participants to inform the participants with the linguistic parameters of the idiostyle of Spanish-speaking migrant poets of the 20th-21st centuries.

Speakers: Senior Lecturer Sapata Ruiz Tamara Alievna, Assistant, PhD Druzhkov Yakov Mikhailovich


10.00-11.30 — the report of senior lecturer Sapata Ruiz Tamara Alievna “Peculiarities of the Dominican variant of the Spanish language,” report by Ph.D., assistant professor Yakov Mikhailovich Druzhkov “Transformation of the idiostyle of the Spanish-speaking migrant poet”.

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