Scientific seminar "A New strategy for the synthesis of Borondipyrromethenes"

Scientific seminar "A New strategy for the synthesis of Borondipyrromethenes"

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11 Nov 2020
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Knyazeva Elena
About the event

11 November at 14:00 MSK

Derivatives based on boron-dipyrromethenes (BODIPY) possess original photonic and electronic properties, as well as unique characteristics, including easy functionalization and simple synthetic modification. In the past few decades, research in the field of BODIPY has been devoted to the development of materials based on modified BODIPYs with a wide range of applications in the field of both optical electronics and biomedicine. The inclusion of conjugated substituents in the meso position or in the pyrrole ring of BODIPY has a significant effect on the photophysical and electrochemical properties. It is well known that, owing to their photophysical properties, a wide range of materials based on p-conjugated BODIPYs has potential applications in organic light-emitting diodes, nonlinear optics, materials with the transfer of holes and electrons - transport materials for perovskite solar cells, as well as materials for ultrafast charge transfer.

Thus, the synthesis of new BODIPYs, their further modification, the study of their photophysical, photochemical and biophysical properties, as well as the assessment of their application in the diagnosis of cancer is an urgent task.

Participants: students, postgraduates and scientific-pedagogical workers of the faculty of Sciences of RUDN and other Universities.


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