Seminar “An axiomatic approach to human-body functional biodynamics”

Seminar “An axiomatic approach to human-body functional biodynamics”

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2 Dec 2021
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2 December at 16:30 MSK

The axiomatic theory kernel for further translation into models of specific complex-systems dynamics in health and medicine rests upon a separation of functional organization from material realization, and casts dynamic features of physiological function into mathematical equations from a phenomenological perspective. Multi-scale complexity is resolved in a hierarchical drill-down from coarse to fine, finer and finer decomposition of functional aggregates, starting with person's whole body. Extensions to social interaction become possible when a person's behaviour expresses interaction of body's major functional components.

Different from ''parts models'' under a modular modelling paradigm, specifications of parts can always be integrated into the holistic set-up. As a practical advantage, empirical investigations can start at the macro level of whole body, and gradually proceed down to lower level functional components, in a kind of `functional peeling'.



Jochen Mau, Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa, Chair of Medical Cybernetics.

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