Seminar “Dynamics of Persistent Epidemic and Optimal Control of Vaccination”

Seminar “Dynamics of Persistent Epidemic and Optimal Control of Vaccination”

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28 Sep
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Mozokhina Anastasiia
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On 28 September at 16:30 p.m. (Moscow time)

This talk is devoted to a model of epidemic progression, taking into account vaccination and immunity waning. The proposed model consists of a system of delay differential equations with time delays determined by the disease duration and immunity loss.

Speaker: Masoud Saade, RUDN University.

Periodic epidemic outbreaks emerge as a result of the instability of a positive stationary solution if the basic reproduction number exceeds some critical value. Vaccination can change epidemic dynamics, resulting in more complex aperiodic oscillations, confirmed by some data on Influenza A in Norway. Optimal control allows for the minimization of epidemic cost by vaccination.


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