Seminar “Epidemic progression in a distributed heterogeneous population”

Seminar “Epidemic progression in a distributed heterogeneous population”

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27 May 2021
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27 May at 17:00 MSK

In this lecture we will discuss compartmental epidemiological models of infection progression in a space-distributed multi-patch population with a communication between the patches due to the movement of individuals. The subpopulations inside the patches consist of different groups with respect to the intensity of disease transmission within each group and between them. The heterogeneity of the population and its transfer between the patches influence the rate of epidemic progression, the final size of epidemic, the number of infected individuals, and the outcome of the vaccination campaign.

Platform: Zoom. To participate, contact the contact person. Joint meeting with “Bio Dynamics Days (BDD2021)”.


Vitaly Volpert, director of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Center "Mathematical Modeling in Biomedicine" of the Peoples Friendship University of Russia.

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