Students of RUDN Engineering Academy at the WorldSkills University Championship

Students of RUDN Engineering Academy at the WorldSkills University Championship

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18 - 23 Jun 2018
Direction: Science
About the event

June 18-23, 2018, RUDN Engineering Academy holds the «WorldSkills University» standards Championship aimed at improving students’ professional skills. Participants will compete in the following areas:

  • «Space Systems Engineering» - team competitions, including 5 groups of participants 3 people in each: a specialist in 3D modeling, a design engineer and a programmer. The teams have to design, assemble from standard components, and then test a simulation microsatellite model for remote sensing of the Earth. It should ensure that the Flight Operations Centers receive as many of the images of the specified geographic areas as possible for a given period of time;
  • «CAD Engineering» - individual competitions, in which 10 engineers-designers take part. In accordance with the information given in the original drawings and text description, the contestants need to design the assembly-disassembly diagrams of the specified parts of the designs, assembly drawings, build a 3D model, present photorealistic visualization and create animated videos demonstrating the operation of the mechanisms.

The best will go to the national final.

For reference

The Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia) Union is the official operator of the international non-profit movement WorldSkills International, whose mission is to improve the standards of staff training. Its motto: «Improving the world with the power of skills!».

Once every two years, one of the 79 countries participating in the movement holds a world championship of professional skill. In 2019, it will be held in Russia

(WorldSkillsKazan 2019).

WorldSkills Russia holds all-Russian championships of professional skills.

The history of WorldSkills international movement

The movement WorldSkills International (WSI) originated in the post-war years in Spain (1947), when the world was sorely lacking skilled labor. The first championships were held in order to popularize the working professions and enhance their prestige. Today, it is an effective tool for training personnel in accordance with world standards and the needs of new high-tech industries.

Under the auspices of WorldSkills regional, national and world championships, as well as continental championships are held. Participants improve their skills by competing in six blocks of professions: civil engineering, information and communication technologies, creativity and design, industrial production, services and civilian transport services.

In the half century of the international movement, 79 countries have joined WorldSkills. Russia did this in 2012. For six years, about 500 regional, corporate, university and national championships with over 100,000 participants have been held. The total number of spectators approached 1.6 million people.


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