The 5th International Conference «Function Spaces. Differential Operators. Problems of Mathematical Education»

The 5th International Conference «Function Spaces. Differential Operators. Problems of Mathematical Education»

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26 - 29 Nov 2018
Direction: Science
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Organizing Committee

Chairmen: corresponding member of RAS Kudryavtsev N.N. (MIPT), academician of RAS Treschev D.V. (MIRAS), academician of RAE Filippov V.M. (RUDN)

Vice-chairmen: Burenkov V.I., professor (RUDN); Kirillov A.I., professor (MCCME); Rozanova S.A., professor (MTU-MIREA); Sergeev A.G., professor (MIRAS); Yagola A.G., professor (MSU)

The reports to the Conference will be presented and discussed at the plenary sessions and in the following 7 sections:

  • Section 1. “Theory of Functions and Function Spaces”.
  • Section 2. “Differential Operators and their Applications”.
  • Section 3. “Nonlinear Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics”.
  • Section 4. “Inverse and Ill-posed Problems”.
  • Section 5. “Problems of Mathematical Education”.
  • Section 6. “History of Mathematics and Natural Sciences”.
  • Section 7. “Information Technologies in Education”.

The Conference working languages are English and Russian.

The list of invited speakers will be presented in the second information letter and on the Conference website.

The abstracts of the reports will be published before the Conference begins and given to participants. Registration form and instructions on how to submit the abstracts will be on the Conference website.

The registration fee is 1,500 rubles per participant. It covers publication of abstracts and selected reports of the Conference. Information on how to pay the registration fee will be on the Conference website.

Information on the accommodation prices in the RUDN hotel and other Moscow hotels will be available later.

Any future information on the Conference will be in the information letters and on the Conference website.

Please inform about the Conference your colleagues who would be interested to participate in it.

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