The Fifth International Scientific Conference “Advances in Synthesis and Complexing”

The Fifth International Scientific Conference “Advances in Synthesis and Complexing”

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22 - 26 Apr 2019
6, Miklukho-Maklaya, Moscow Russia
About the event

22-26 April, The Fifth International Scientific Conference “Advances in Synthesis and Complexing” will bring together young scientists, graduate students and prominent foreign scientists studying the problems of organic, inorganic, medical, physical and colloid chemistry. Among the participants the Nobel Prize Laureate Jean-Pierre Sauvage­ (Université de Strasbourg, Франция), Shuji Akai (Osaka University, Japan), Vladimir Gevorgyan (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA), Stephen Hashmi (Universitat Heidelberg, Germany), Benjamin List (Max Planck Institut fur Kohlenforschung, Germany), Andrey Malkov (Loughborough University, England), Lutz Tietze (Gottingen University, Germany), T. J.J. Muller) (Dusseldorf University, Germany), Daniel B. Werz (Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Germany).

Co-organizer – The Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research.

The following sections and areas are planned:

Organic chemistry

  • Modern problems of organic chemistry
  • Synthesis and properties of heterocyclic compounds
  • Multicomponent and domino reactions
  • Stereochemistry of organic compounds
  • Chemistry of macrocyclic compounds
  • Biologically active compounds and chemistry of natural compounds
  • Medical chemistry

Inorganic and Coordination Chemistry

  • Current problems of inorganic chemistry
  • Complex formation of metals with polyfunctional N, O, S-containing ligands
  • Physical and chemical studies of inorganic and coordination compounds and new materials
  • Solid phase synthesis

Physical and colloidal chemistry

  • Heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, adsorption
  • Physical and chemical research methods
  • Quantum chemical calculations

Detailed info


Aleksey Festa, +7(495) 955 09 32,

Aleksander Titov, +7(495) 955 07 44,

For more info contact prof. Leonid Voskressensky, Chairman of the organizing committee of “Advances in Synthesis and Complexing”, +7 (495) 955-07-29,

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