The II International Summit on Scientific Research on 5G Networks «5G Summit R&D Russia»

The II International Summit on Scientific Research on 5G Networks «5G Summit R&D Russia»

The event passed
8 - 11 Oct 2018
About the event

The First Summit “5G Summit R&D Russia” was held in 2017 and became the first event in Russia providing a platform for joint work and exchange of ideas on new 5G technologies among sector leaders, innovators, researchers and the academic community. Particular attention at the First Summit was given to the perspective on long-term changes and innovations in the sphere of digitizing megacities, namely Moscow.

The Summit is aimed at the effective exchange of new achievements in the following areas of 5G technology application:

  • standardization of 5G networks and systems;
  • analysis of possible risks when launching 5G into large-scale operation;
  • integration of mobile 5G and fixed-line telephony;
  • providing cloud technologies with the use of 5G;
  • building the digital 5G economy.

Geography of participants: Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden.

Theme (agenda) of the event:

  • the main directions of the introduction of 5G technology;
  • perspectives of cloud and virtual radio access networks for 5G networks;
  • 5G and next generation networks – the transition to a new industrial revolution;
  • 5G network microcells based on millimeter waveband;
  • prospects of mobile edge computing for 5G networks;
  • interference management based on traffic monitoring for flexible radio access in 5G networks;
  • practical overview of technologies for the heterogeneous ecosystem of the Internet of Things 5G and their applications;
  • technological and economic challenges of the urban digital economy;
  • telecommunications networks and digital economy;
  • tasks of mathematical modeling of next generation wireless networks;
  • the use of heterogeneous solutions for the convergent ecosystem of the Internet of Things 5G;
  • objectives of research of next-generation wireless networks.

Conditions for participation in the event: Information letter

Results of the event: Development of new directions in the implementation of 5G technology, analysis of long-term changes and innovations in the sphere of digitizing megacities.



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