The V Interdisciplinary Forum with International Participation «Cervix and Vulvovaginal Diseases. Aesthetic Gynecology»

The V Interdisciplinary Forum with International Participation «Cervix and Vulvovaginal Diseases. Aesthetic Gynecology»

The event passed
25 - 27 Oct 2018
Direction: Medicine
Format: Forum
About the event

The apparently growing social demand for aesthetic gynecology methods is no less significant feature of modern society, since women are no longer ready to tolerate the imperfection of the pelvic floor and vulvovaginal structures – whether it is a subjective or completely objective opinion. Moreover, a certain degree of prolapse of pelvic organs is possible to detect in half of women older than 50 years old. That is why solving the problem of aesthetics and restoring the functionality of the pelvic floor is the area of medicine where practically important knowledge is updated at really high rates. A wealth of new data is accumulated on the problem of obstetric cervicology.

An important mission of the forum organizers is to create conditions for effective communication and exchange of experience, a discussion platform within the framework of the interdisciplinary medical information space.

  • Geography of participants: Russia, Israel, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Armenia

Theme (agenda) of the event:

Strategies for prevention of cervical cancer: foreign experience, Russian realities, discussion issues:

  • aesthetic gynecology in the 21st century: a new chapter
  • interaction of a gynecologist, a colposcopist, a cytologist: when partners have an agreement
  • classical and fluid cytology: pros and cons
  • vulva diseases – the responsibility of a gynecologist or a dermatologist?
  • correction of vaginal microbiocenosis during cervical diseases: a modern approach to solving the problem
  • bacterial vaginosis and mixed infections
  • female intimate surgery
  • pelvic floor problems: from functionality to aesthetics
  • vagina "on a turn-key basis". A fashion trend or a conscious need?
  • cervical aspects of prevention of early and late reproductive losses
  • cervical injury in childbirth: prevention of complications.

Conditions for participation in the event: information letter

Results of the event: a collection of scientific articles

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