RUDN is in Group 2 of 5 - 100 Project. Results of the International Expert Board meeting announced

RUDN is in Group 2 of 5 - 100 Project. Results of the International Expert Board meeting announced

RUDN has retained its position in the second group of HEIs – participants of 5 – 100 Project after reporting on the Road map implementation at the meeting of the International Expert Board.

The Board for increasing the competitiveness of the leading universities of the Russian Federation among the world's leading research and education centers, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, held a regular meeting, where members reviewed the reports of universities participating in Project 5-100 on the implementation of the Road Maps as well as the achievements of the program and the presence of a clear system of development priorities. Following the meeting, the Council recommended the RF Ministry of Science and Education to continue rendering state support to the 21st university.

The winning universities were divided into three groups, each including seven universities. The distribution of universities in three groups provides for subsequent differentiation of the state support provided to universities - participants of the Project.

5-100 Project began its history in 2013, and is aimed at promoting and increasing the competitiveness of Russian education. By 2020, a group of leading universities should be formed. They will be able to comply with global development trends and respond to global changes.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) began participating in the project in 2015, following the results of a competition for state support under the Project 5-100.

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20 Apr 2019
"The University has reached the level of sustainable development after explosive growth according to scientific and educational criteria," - Hans de Wit, Director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College

April 19, a videoconference of the International Expert Council (IEC) of RUDN University was held with the participation of IEC members - prominent figures in the field of science and education, as well as the top management of the university. The topic of the meeting is the results of RUDN University on the implementation of 5-100 Competitiveness Program in 2018 and a discussion of the university's further development strategies. Experts noted overfulfillment of the Program’s key indicators by 20–30%, emphasizing the inclusion of RUDN University in various subject ratings.

24 May 2018
Project 5-100, XXIII seminar-conference: best practices from leading Russian universities and international university rankings

May 24, RUDN hosts the XXIII open seminar-conference of Project 5-100, dedicated to the exchange of best practices between Russian universities and increasing their competitiveness in the global education market.

13 Apr 2018
RUDN Law Institute students win the national stage of International Negotiation Competition 2018

The winners of the competition – Nazerke Sybanbaeva and Aisylu Latypova.