International cooperation
04 Aug
Journey into the world of economics: a summer school for RUDN students at the University of Zambia

While someone is on summer holidays, RUDN students of economics keep studying. They went to hot Zambia at the invitation of the Graduate School of Business of the University of Zambia for two weeks of the summer school “Russia-Zambia: Economic Opportunities and Prospects”.

International cooperation
27 Jul
Media forum “Russia — Africa” held at RUDN University

July 24-25, RUDN University became a platform for the International Youth Media Forum “Russia — Africa: through the prism of education and communications”, which brought together more than 200 young journalists and researchers from 35 countries of Africa and other regions of the world.

International cooperation
07 Jul
Business breakfast “Nuclear technologies for sustainable development in African countries: the role of the Russian / Soviet universities’ Alumni from African countries” on the margins of the Second Summit and Economic Forum “Russia – Africa”

We are inviting the Alumni of the Russian and Soviet universities from Africa to take part in the business breakfast “Nuclear technologies for sustainable development of African countries” that is held on the margins of the Second Summit and Economic Forum “Russia – Africa” at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University on July 27, 2023, from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. organized with the support of Rosatom State Corporation and Russian People’s Friendship University (RUDN).

International cooperation
06 Jul
RUDN University develops projects for the improvement and landscaping of Astana

The capital of Kazakhstan hosted the “25th Anniversary of Astana: New Perspectives. New opportunities” Forum. RUDN Agrarian and Technological Institute (ATI) of signed a declaration on cooperation with the Mayor's office of Astana on the development of projects for the improvement and landscaping of the capital of Kazakhstan.

International cooperation
29 Jun
Remote sensing of the Earth, forestry and environmental engineering… RUDN University develops cooperation with the University of Sri Lanka

From June 12 to 15, RUDN University delegation paid a working visit to Sri Lanka discussing joint eco-projects, holding a summer school and an Olympiad.

International cooperation
14 Jun
Zambia, Côte d'Ivoire, Algeria, Egypt… RUDN Economists strengthen the dialogue between Russia and Africa

On May 19, the second informal dialogue “Russia-Africa: Economic Education Without Borders” was held at the Faculty of Economics of RUDN University. The participants proposed ideas for Russian-African academic cooperation, joint scientific projects and research.

International cooperation
14 Jun
Samarkand, Fergana, Bukhara… RUDN University develops cooperation with medical universities of Uzbekistan

On June 3-4, a delegation of the RUDN Medical Institute visited Samarkand to work at the Uzbekistan-Russia medical forum. On the sidelines of the event, cooperation agreements were signed, meetings were organized with the leadership of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan and rectors of leading universities.

International cooperation
13 Jun
Ecology, pharmacy, agronomy… RUDN University develops cooperation with Cuban universities

On May 14–23, a RUDN University delegation visited Cuba on a working trip. The program includes: cooperation agreements with leading Cuban universities, a meeting with graduates, an Olympiad on financial security.

International cooperation
25 May
International students of RUDN University among the guests at the reception Africa Day at the cultural center of the Russian Foreign Ministry

May 23, the Association of International Students, including RUDN University activists, took part in the reception dedicated to Africa Day at the cultural center of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

International cooperation
12 May
A meeting with the participation of foreign students at the Russian Ministry of Education and Science

At a meeting on the work of the Association of International Students (AIS) in Russia, they discussed the new system of higher education, employment and scholarships.

International cooperation
27 Apr
The Center for Open Education in Russian and Russian Language Teaching opens in Cameroon

The center opened on April 25, in the city of Douala. The ceremony was attended by schoolchildren and students, as well as representatives of the authorities of the city of Douala, embassies and public organizations of Cameroon. RUDN University will provide support and organization of the work of the Center in 2023.

International cooperation
24 Apr
Armenian schoolchildren want to study in Russia to become engineers, economists and programmers

April 5-7, RUDN University delegation represented the university at the “Education and Career EXPO 2023” exhibition in Yerevan.