International cooperation
21 May 2020
Reunião do Comitê Coordenador Nacional da Universidade em Rede do BRICS (BRICS UR)

Uma reunião à distância do Comitê Coordenador Nacional da Universidade em Rede do BRICS (BRICS UR) realizou-se em 20 de maio de 2020, com a participação de representantes do Ministério da Ciência e Ensino Superior da Federação da Rússia, assim como de instituições do ensino superior integrantes da Universidade em Rede do BRICS.

International cooperation
20 May 2020
Congratulations to the winners and prize-winners of the RUDN Open Olympiad for foreign citizens

The jury summed up the results of the RUDN Open Olympiad for foreign citizens held in full-time format in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia before the COVID-19 pandemic.

International cooperation
09 Apr 2020
Start of the qualifying stage of the Open RUDN Olympiad for foreigners

From April 5 to April 15, the first online qualifying stage of the Open RUDN University Olympiad for foreign citizens takes place. Winners of the Olympiad get an opportunity to study in the chosen major at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation, prize-winners have a discount on the paid education fee.

International cooperation
17 Feb 2020
Shoulder to shoulder with the whole world: new horizons for cooperation

RUDN University welcomes guests: delegations from all over the world are congratulating the University on its anniversary and strengthening friendship by new joint projects.

International cooperation
28 Jan 2020
Happy Birthday to RUDN! Lebanese alumni first congratulate Alma Mater on its anniversary

January 25, festive events were held in Beirut (Lebanon) on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of RUDN University. Participants planted a “tree of friendship”, plunged into nostalgia at a photo exhibition, and discussed the possibilities and prospects of promoting Russian education abroad. The organizer was the Association of RUDN Alumni in Lebanon with the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Lebanon, the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Lebanon, as well as RUDN.

International cooperation
11 Dec 2019
Friendship Tree planted in Ecuador

RUDN University sends "green" greetings from the heart of the Latin American continent - Ecuador. Together with representatives of the University of the Armed Forces of Ecuador (ESPE) and graduates of RUDN University, they planted the Capuli fruit tree in honor of the 60th anniversary of the most international Russian university.

International cooperation
26 Nov 2019
Resource centers of Russian education to be created in 5 countries

November 25, the RUDN University announced the creation of resource centers for Russian education in 5 countries: Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Turkey. Resource centers will be created on the basis of Russian-language schools. Leading Russian universities will develop training centers in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, and the Russian language for these centers. By 2024, 50 such resource centers will be created.

International cooperation
05 Nov 2019
A big plus to academic reputation: law students on experience studying abroad

Combine study with traveling to another country, brush up a foreign language and broaden your horizons, bring home not only a bag of souvenirs, but also a baggage of new knowledge? You may think that such a mission is impossible, but RUDN students who took part in academic mobility programs may prove the opposite.

International cooperation
31 Oct 2019
The first Center for Open Education in Russian and teaching Russian opens in Greece

October 30, the first Center for Open Education in Russian and teaching the Russian language on the basis of the “Klyuch” (Key) Training Center for Russian Language and Culture opened in Thessaloniki

International cooperation
29 Oct 2019
Africa is closer: the first international festival “I want to work in Africa” held at RUDN

October 25, the first International Festival "I want to work in Africa!" was held at RUDN University. The initiator and organizer of the festival was the International Club of Employers, created in 2018 by RUDN University and a number of partner organizations - the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ankor HR Holding, Domodedovo Holding, Syngenta Company, Russia-Brazil Chamber of Commerce. Representatives of more than 70 business missions and more than 800 students and graduates from Russia and African countries took part in the Festival at 4 platforms covering the topics of employment in African markets.

International cooperation
25 Oct 2019
Cooperation strategies with Africa discussed at RUDN

RUDN hosted the International Forum “Russia-Africa: Science - Education - Cooperation” attended by representatives of 30 African countries. On the agenda are issues of human capital development, prospects for the joint implementation of scientific and educational components in industrial projects, creation of professional navigation programs for students in accordance with the needs of African economies.

International cooperation
26 Sep 2019
Peoples' Friendship Square opens in Sucre (Bolivia) in honor of RUDN

In the capital of Bolivia, the Square of Peoples’ Friendship was opened in honor of cooperation with Russia and as a symbol of the fight against climate change. Representatives of the government, city hall, embassies of Russia and RUDN University planted 5 tahibo trees around the area. According to Larisa Efremova, Vice-Rector for International Affairs at RUDN University, this step is only the beginning on the path to preserving the green world.