RUDN engineers met with employers at a round table

RUDN engineers met with employers at a round table

On November 26, the Department of Subsoil Use and Oil and Gas Affairs of the RUDN University Engineering Academy held a Round Table “Updating educational programs, organizing practices, and employment prospects” with the participation of employers.

The meeting participants were the All-Russian Scientific Research Geological Petroleum Institute, Industrial Investments LLC, the State Reserves Commission of Zarubezhgeologiya JSC, GeoSolutions, the Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Elements.

There was a discussion of issues on the following topics:

  1. Updating educational programs;
  2. Independent assessment of the quality of education;
  3. Effective organization and implementation of production practices;
  4. Participation in the State final certification;
  5. Employment of graduates;
  6. Joint research work.

As a result of discussions, the ways of interaction on the above topics were identified:

  • develop algorithms for the participation of employers in updating educational programs, as well as practical training programs;
  • consider the possibility of participation of employees of enterprises in the State final certification, at the defense of term papers, reports on production practices;
  • consider the possibility of concluding cooperation agreements;
  • outline relevant topics for both sides of possible joint research and final qualification works;
  • develop a list of skills of a graduate student required by a modern employer.
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