Mode of study in the first semester

Mode of study in the first semester

All students — citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens who have an opportunity to enter Russia, will start in-person training in the 2022/2023 academic year. Part of the lectures will be online, the format of the classes will be indicated in the schedule.

Class formats:

  • Seminars (including practical and laboratory work, colloquia) are held in face-to-face or mixed format.
    The mixed format implies that some of the students are in person in the RUDN classroom, and some join the lesson online.
  • Lectures can be conducted remotely, face-to-face or in a mixed format at the discretion of the heads of educational units. The class schedule will indicate the format of the meeting.
  • Internships and field practices (including research) are held in full-time or mixed format (the latter, if possible).

Classes at the Medical Institute are conducted mainly in person. Some classes may be held in a mixed or online format at the discretion of the head of the unit. The class schedule will indicate the format of the meeting.

Teaching foreign citizens at the Medical Institute in the 2022/2023 academic year

International students of the Medical Institute who cannot enter the Russian Federation in 2022/2023, but want to continue their studies at RUDN University, will be able to get an academic leave. To apply for an academic leave, do the following:

  • by September 10, 2022, send a scanned copy of the signed application to Deputy Director of the Medical Institute for Academic Affairs Madina Azova (;
  • attach documents confirming the fact that you cannot enter the Russian Federation.

Distance learning for foreign citizens who cannot enter the Russian Federation

Foreign citizens (except medical students) who are unable to enter Russia in 2022/2023 can study distantly. Send a scanned copy of the signed application to the deputy head of your faculty/institute/academy/ school for academic work:


  • until September 3, 2022 - students of the 2nd and subsequent years.
  • until September 10, 2022 - 1st year students.

NB! If the student has not submitted an application and has not started classes in face-to-face format, then the missed classes will be considered as absences for an unexcused reason. Missed classes and academic debt may become grounds for expulsion from RUDN University.

Agrarian and Technological Institute

Tatiana Fedorova

Higher School of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship

Svetlana Murtuzalieva


Engineering Academy

Ivan Khokhlov

Institute of the Russian Language

Liliya Alimova


Institute of Foreign Languages

Ekaterina Mrachenko

Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism

Lyudmila Kuklina

Institute of World Economy and Business

Marina Zolotareva

Institute of Ecology

Galina Ermakova

Medical Institute

Madina Azova

Academic and Research Institute of Gravity and Cosmology

Alexander Efremov


Academic and Research Institute of Comparative Educational Policy

Maria Simonova


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Vinera Mukhametzhanova

Faculty of Science

Vladislav Korolkov

Faculty of Philology

Natalia Dubinina

Faculty of Economics

Olga Gorlova

Institute of Law

Sergey Shakirov

All news
17 Sep
“Our meeting is aimed only at making medical care of high quality and safe,” Mikhail Murashko, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation

September 14, 2022, the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko spoke to RUDN University students on the eve of World Patient Safety Day.

24 May
“It is difficult to convey to people the idea of conserving the earth’s resources,” Anastasia Voevodina, student at RUDN Institute of Environmental Engineering

Anastasia Voevodina, a third-year student at the RUDN University Institute of Ecology, treats environmental issues with great responsibility. The girl successfully combines her studies with volunteer activities.

27 Apr
Students of RUDN Engineering Academy are the winners of the industrial Hackathon of the student week "Mosprom studweek"

During the “Mosprom studweek”, the results of an industrial hackathon on solving applied technical problems of Mosprom were summed up. 23 teams, 115 participants from 7 universities of Moscow competed in solving technical cases. RUDN University was represented by four teams of the Engineering Academy. The winner was “Champion’s Breakfast”, the team of 3rd year students of the Department of Mechanics and Control Processes. 5 students -winners were invited to an internship at the State Space Research and Production Center named after M.V. Khrunichev.