"Gold" and "Silver": future ecologists of RUDN University bypassed 48 participants in the International Interpreting Competition

"Gold" and "Silver": future ecologists of RUDN University bypassed 48 participants in the International Interpreting Competition

The third-year bachelor students in Ecology and Nature Management Shkopkina Angelina and Mustafina Kamila who are also mastering the professional conversion course "Translator" at the Institute of Environmental Engineering not only had the opportunity to show all their language skills and abilities, but also to become the best in interpreting among 48 other participants in the International Interpreting Competition in Minsk (the Republic of Belarus).

In the first round of the competition, the future ecologists carried out consecutive interpreting of a video material lasting 2.5 minutes from English into Russian. It was dedicated to the problems of intercultural communication in the modern world. The participants were allowed to use translation cursive while reviewing the task.

In the second round each competitor had to interpret the text from Russian into English without preparation, having a minute to get acquainted with the suggested content of the task. The topic of the text was dedicated to cutting-edge technologies in science and research in the XXI-st century.

Kamila Mustafina stated that in such a situation it was important to feel the language as well as demonstrate quick thinking and mental flexibility.

Angelina Shkopkina also added that she had the opportunity to estimate her skills and abilities in consecutive interpreting. The student said:

“When interpreting consecutively, the translator has a certain amount of time to recognize and interpret a fragment of the authentic text into another language. Whereas with simultaneous interpretation, the same process is carried out almost in a split second”.

The jury of the International Interpreting Competition turned out to be experienced interpreter-practitioners, lecturers and representatives of translation / interpreting companies. The experts assessed the speed of the contestants’ reaction in the process of performing the proposed tasks as well as their ability to cope with the interpretation under time pressure and be ready to deal with unfamiliar language units.

The geography of the International Interpreting Competition was wide enough with 7 universities of Russian Federation as well as the Republic of Belarus and 48 participants who are being trained to become professional translators and interpreters in the future. Once again Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) proved its high level of professionalism in teaching foreign languages and translation (interpretation) as a professional activity to its students.

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The International Interpreting Competition was organized by the Department of Modern Translation Technologies of the Faculty of Intercultural Communications at Minsk State Linguistic University.

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