RUDN students reach the final of the VII International Engineering Championship "CASE-IN"

RUDN students reach the final of the VII International Engineering Championship "CASE-IN"

10 days to study and solve real problems of the fuel and energy and mineral resources complexes, brainstorming and teamwork hours, 6 minutes to present and defend the project: more than 100 RUDN students participated in the selection round of the VII International Engineering Championship “CASE-IN”. 3 teams that developed the best projects according to the jury will represent RUDN in the finals of the CASE-IN championship, held in Moscow in late May.

How to find deposits of diamonds and oil and how to develop the field - the CASE-IN championship became a test of professional strength and creativity for students of RUDN Engineering Academy. 19 teams presented case studies on the topic “Digital Transformation” in three areas - “Geological exploration”, “Mining”, and “Oil and gas business”.

10 days before the qualifying stage, teams received assignments to develop solutions for real-world cases taking into account all their nuances and difficulties. The participants of the Geological Exploration direction came up with ideas for finding diamonds in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Mining - for developing diamond deposits, Oil and Gas Engineering - with a project to develop an oil field.

 “In Yakutia, near the town of Mirny, there is a diamond deposit, which has a complex location. Taking into account all the conditions – both climatic and geographical - you need to choose how to work there, how to get these diamonds. We chose underground method, it is much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Taking into account the fact that the field is located near the river, which flows into the reservoir, it was necessary to exclude its pollution, as it provides water to the city. Therefore, underground mining is the surest way with no extra economic and labor costs,” said the captain of the Underground Navigators team, Akbar Doskalov.

Students' ideas were assessed by experts - managers and specialists of industry companies and organizations, including the Rosgeologiya Holding, Micromine Rus LLC, Tatneft PJSC, NTC Tatneft LLC, the Union of Surveyors of Russia, ANO Subsoil Use Audit and Consulting, LLC “Geotechnologies”, Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Central Research Geological Prospecting Institute of Nonferrous and Noble Metals, and  Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“This year the case for the qualifying round turned out to be difficult, but interesting. The participants were given a vast field for proposing new ideas, technologies and calculating the economic indicators of the proposed solutions. The teams prepared well-developed solutions that were interesting to study and evaluate, ” commented Zaur Davletov, expert in the field of oil and gas business, researcher at Tatneft.

Championship Scoreboard

 Geological exploration

  1. Kimberly team - Yuri Panasenko (captain), Arce Burgos Melissa Carolina, Zacharias Ancio Hamilton, Monteiro Joana Simao Dias
  2. Team “Ingots of Society” - Aleksey Zyuganov (captain), Karolina Zalevskaya, Maria Tsupkina
  3. “Sun Drop” team: Antonina Liteikina (captain), Anastasia Fomina, Polina Koval, Nadezhda Karelina


  1. "Underground navigators" team - Akbar Doskalov (captain), Oleg Mirkushov, Daniil Myshkovsky, Anastasia Tsyganova
  2. “Guild of Freemasons” team - Svyatoslava Verzhbitskaya (captain), Nikita Didenko, Alexey Kornienko, Oleg Markaryan
  3. “Daisy” team - Abidat Hasanova (captain), Elvina Muhamadieva, Egor Spirin, Daria Scherbakova

Oil and gas business

  1. “Young oilmen” team - Mikhail Yurtov (captain), Vladimir Volkov, Grigory Zemlyansky, Alina Mereuts
  2. “Up” team (RSU of oil and gas named after I.Gubkin)
  3. “BG team”: Amir Ayupov, Pavel Kunitsky, Ekaterina Ratnikova

The winning teams that take the first places will represent RUDN in the final of “CASE-IN”, held from May 30 to 31 in Moscow. In the final, students will compete for the title of the best engineering student teams and for the opportunity to undergo internships at leading companies in the country. Mining champions “CASE-IN” will be able to take part in the All-Russian Youth Scientific and Practical Forum “Mining School”.



The International Engineering Championship “CASE-IN” is an international competition for solving engineering cases among schoolchildren, students and young specialists in the fuel and energy and mineral-raw materials sectors. The championship is held in 57 universities in Russia and CIS countries.

The Championship is organized by the Reliable Change Foundation, the Youth Forum of Mining Leaders Non-Profit Partnership, and AstraLogika LLC.

The co-organizer of "Electric Power Industry" of the Student League "CASE-IN" is the Association "Russian National Committee of the International Council for Large Electrical Systems of High Voltage".

Since 2018, the championship has been included in the All-Russian list of youth activities aimed at promoting the fuel and energy complex, energy conservation and engineering and technical education, approved jointly by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.



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