International project "Business Carousel": students from Russia and the Netherlands develop joint business initiatives

International project "Business Carousel": students from Russia and the Netherlands develop joint business initiatives

March 18 – 22, What is the difference between the Russian and Dutch business culture, is it possible to successfully develop joint business projects, what is interesting about the Dutch methods of teaching business administration and marketing - this and many other things became known to the participants of the international training “Business Carousel”. 40 students of the RUDN University and the Ede Christian University Business School (Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, the Netherlands) understood the nuances of the business processes of their countries in order to present joint ideas.

For 7 days, students from partner countries met, communicated, shared and learned the cultural characteristics of each other. Divided into 5 project groups, students prepared proposals and presentations on projects dedicated to the differences between the principles of doing business in Russia and the Netherlands.

"Different approaches to learning, searching for information and creating provide great food for thought and broaden our personal creative framework. Open-minded people – this is what we think about each other. And this is exactly what will contribute to the relationships in international business and not only", said Denis Klyuchnikov.

The group was advised by leading professors of the Department of Marketing and the Department of National Economy of RUDN Faculty of Economics, as well as representatives of Russian business.

The winner was the project “International Business of Russia and the Netherlands”, by Dutch students Karsten van Garderen, Martin Nadjil, Robin Holtman, Joost Jongenil and students of RUDN Denis Klyuchnikov, Alesia Rud and Miroslav Khil.

"We agreed with each other upon the vision of our work and approved the action plan. There were no problems in communication. Understanding clearly what information we want to highlight in the topic "International Business of Russia and the Netherlands", we divided several aspects: export and import, political influence on international trade, and, of course examined the differences in business cultures of the two countries," said RUDN student Alesya Rud.

In addition to working on their projects, Dutch students saw Moscow, volunteers from the Student Council of the Faculty of Economics showed them Red Square, VDNKh, the new and old Arbat, Tverskaya Street and other famous places of the capital.

“We had been preparing for the arrival of students from the Netherlands for a very long time. A month before their arrival, we began drawing up an action plan. When the students arrived in Moscow, various cultural events and excursions were waiting for them. We quickly became friends and found a common language with the Dutch students. We discussed not only economics, politics and marketing, but also movies, music and books. Tastes are similar, by the way. We’ll really miss last week," said Bogomolova Daria , Head of the Commission for Foreign Students  of the Student Council of the Faculty of Economics.

The project "Business Carousel" was the first project of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Students recently created at the Faculty of Economics. According to the Head of the marketing department, Professor Alexander Zobov, this center is a tool for engaging students in the practice of modern business, communication with employers, in particular, within the framework of the large-scale international project ERASMUS + of the European Union.

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