RUDN students win the translators’ contest

RUDN students win the translators’ contest

RUDN University students are among the winners and prize-winners of the Second International Student Contest of Professionally Oriented Translation, which was attended by 876 participants from 6 countries. 1,316 works were presented in 11 categories of the competition. Over 160 were disqualified for machine translation.

The results of the competition were announced up on September 30, 2022, the annual International Translator’s Day.

  • Marta Peterson, a 2nd year student of the IFL master’s program (major “Simultaneous translation”), took the 1st place in “Business Intelligence with English and Russian as working languages” category.
  • Ivan Roschepkin, a 3rd year bachelor student at the Institute of Law and the Translator program, took the 2nd place in “Legal Translation with English and Russian as working languages” category.
  • Yuliya Ryabchenko, a 1st year student of the master’s program at the Law Institute (major “Jurisprudence”), took the 3rd place in “Psychology with Spanish and Russian working languages” category.
  • Among the contestants from RUDN University who received awards was Zlata Chernysheva, a student at the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism (IHBiT), who received a diploma for creativity and successful translation solutions.

The first contest took place a year ago. RUDN IHBiT student Polina Vetlugina became the winner of the contest in “Translation in the field of advertising” in 2021.

I learned about the Second International Student Contest of Professionally Oriented Translation from our translation teacher and tutor Yana Volkova. This competition seemed like a great opportunity for me to practice my translation skills. I was also amazed by the variety of topics offered for translation: medicine, law, management, psychology, etc. I took part in five categories: advertising and public relations, management, business intelligence, economics and politics. I won the first place in the “Business Intelligence” category, which was the best gift for a professional holiday — Translator’s Day. I would like to note that each of the proposed texts was challenging in its own way. However, it seems to me that the more difficulties the translation causes, the more excited and satisfied with the result you are

Marta Peterson
Institute of Foreign Languages

I learned about the competition thanks to the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of RUDN Law Institute, which actually always informs students about upcoming events and competitions in the field of linguistics and helps not to miss the most interesting events. I would like to express special gratitude to Philip Novikov, our teacher, who always supports our academic and research initiatives. I decided to take part because the participants had to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of professionally oriented translation. This was within the two main areas of my academic interests: English and jurisprudence

Ivan Roschepkin
Law Institute

I am very pleased to receive a prize in the international professional translation competition, this is a good opportunity to prove myself. The contest encouraged me to improve my knowledge of legal Spanish. It is a great advantage over competitors and an additional privilege in the legal profession, in particular, drafting contracts, representing interests in courts in various disputes, etc. The article to be translated for the contest is devoted to psychology, which, in my opinion, is very informative for representatives of the legal professions. Psychology and jurisprudence together give the lawyer the skills to communicate and use the right approach, both to the client and to the case as a whole, increase the effectiveness of law enforcement and compliance with the rule of law through the study of the psychology of personality and legal actions

Yulia Ryabchenko
Law Institute

What does participation in such competitions give?

Marta Peterson (Institute of Foreign Languages): It is my second year of the program “Communication Theory and Simultaneous Translation” at RUDN Institute of Foreign Languages and I am very grateful to the Institute and my teachers for the knowledge and skills that I acquire here. The fact that our students regularly participate in translation contests also plays a positive role. It helps us to see others and show our best side.

Ivan Roschepkin (Law Institute): “It was a great pleasure to work with English texts of legal documents. While translating, each time you discover new verbal constructions, which, in turn, often reflect the peculiarities of the foreign legal order and help to better understand the characteristic features and the historical process of the formation of the legal culture of a particular society. As a rule, many legal terms and expressions inherent in Anglo-Saxon legal systems do not have full equivalents in Russian. In view of this feature, correct translation taking into account the specifics of the document, is a very challenging task. First of all, the competition allowed me to apply the knowledge gained in the process of training in practice. Thanks to the contest, I revealed my strengths and, perhaps most importantly, I was able to discover my weaknesses, I will have to improve in the near future.”

Yulia Ryabchenko (Law Institute): I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the contest and put into practice the knowledge gained from an experienced Spanish teacher Ekaterina Zvereva, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages of RUDN Law Institute. We appreciate her painstaking work with students, support and knowledge of her profession.

It is the experience of RUDN University teachers who combine teaching and translation practice, that it is hardly possible to train qualified translators only in the classroom — they need practice in the real conditions of the future profession. The participation of students in professionally oriented contests is an important stage in the professional training of specialists for any industry. The earlier students begin to master future specialties in real conditions of professional activity, the more ready they are for solving relevant tasks. It is important to emphasize that the tradition of training translators for various branches of the country’s socio-economic activities has been implemented since the first days of the university’s foundation. Currently, the relevant practice is implemented in all educational institutions, faculties and academy of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. As part of the annual Day of the Translator, under the guidance of language teachers, students participate in educational, creative and competitive events dedicated to the history of translation as a science, the role of translation in modern society, famous translators whose experience is relevant for future specialists. RUDN University congratulates all the winners and prize-winners of the contest and thanks the organizers for the opportunity for students to try the profession of a translator already at the stage of studying, understanding its challenges and uniqueness

Professor Anastasia Atabekova
RUDN Vice-Rector for Multilingual Development

Contest co-organizers:


  • Department of the English language, Odintsovo branch of MGIMO;
  • Faculty of Intercultural Communications, Minsk State Linguistic University;
  • Association of Professional Translators and Translation Companies of Kazakhstan.

The inspirer and organizer of the contest — Associate Professor Maria Stepanova (MGIMO Odintsovo).

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