300 representatives from 18 countries meet at the VII Forum of Latin American graduates of Russian universities in Bolivia

300 representatives from 18 countries meet at the VII Forum of Latin American graduates of Russian universities in Bolivia

September 24-27, The VII Forum of Latin American graduates of Russian and Soviet universities was held in Bolivia. The forum brought together 300 representatives of 18 countries. RUDN delegation was headed by Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Chairman of the International Coordinating Council of INCORVUZ-XXI Graduates Larisa Efremova.

September 23, on the eve of the opening of the forum, a meeting of the RUDN University delegation with Mr.Nelida Sifuentes Cueto, Minister of Development of Production and the Economy of Bolivia, took place.

“Medicine, education and trade are interesting areas. We are also interested in proposals on geology, energy and tourism. Therefore, we will be glad to see your specialists in these areas and are ready to develop cooperation. Our government is also working on the creation of a national technology park. This is the first park of its kind - in this we are pioneers. And we will be happy to receive expert advice, ” said the Minister.

“One of our tasks is to create a scientific and educational partnership to develop interaction with business and employers. Among the priorities of Bolivia are training of doctors and engineers in the oil and gas sector and exploration. They were voiced by the President of the multinational state of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who came to RUDN University a couple of months ago. It is also necessary to train economists who know the problems of the region and are able to interact with the Russian side. We can help with the medical care system. It is important to train specialists for specific areas and specific enterprises, given the cultural diversity of Bolivia. We want to cooperate not only with the best universities in Bolivia, but also to build relationships with other Russian universities. We carry out activities that help talented children to study at our universities for free. Our researchers can come to you to give lectures, and yours can come to us ”, said Larisa Efremova, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Chairman of the INCORVUZ-XXI.

“RUDN is developing ties with entrepreneurs. An international club of employers, which I am honored to head, was created. We are ready to develop cooperation between entrepreneurs in Moscow and Russia with the business of Bolivia and other countries. Graduates of Russian universities from Latin America are the most reliable partners. They know their home countries and Russia. We have developed the “Business Market” project - this is an electronic platform where entrepreneurs of any scale can draw up their offers and conclude transactions remotely,” said Vladimir Platonov, President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of the International Employers Club, RUDN University graduate.

September 23 saw the signing of a framework agreement with the Andina University named after Simon Bolivar (Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar). The partners were represented by Rector, José Luis Gutiérrez Sardán and Scientific Secretary Antonio Enrique Duran Pacheco.

“We have a dream - to turn our plateau into a technological region. At the same time, the Andin University named after Simon Bolivar has a great social responsibility - we work a lot with the population, including continuing education courses. We support international research initiatives on new types of irrigation and new technologies for agriculture. We are doing a joint program with Peru on a land reclamation system around Lake Titicaca - how it affects climate change. We also cooperate with Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. I can say for sure that research is needed in the field of energy and education, especially in distance learning. And, of course, the priority is to develop the best experience in organizing the healthcare system,” said Jose Luis Gutieres Sardan, Rector of Andan University named after Simon Bolivar.

“40 students from Bolivia are studying at RUDN University, mainly majoring in medical and engineering specialties and international relations. We are ready to develop academic mobility with your country. We see promising masters in remote sensing of the earth and the program "Residency +". We can consider areas in the field of nuclear energy and involve leading Russian universities in this work. You can start with the exchange of teachers to deliver small cycles of lectures in priority areas. You can also identify key topics for graduate,” said Larisa Efremova, Vice-Rector of RUDN University for International Activities.

Also on September 23, a meeting was held with the representative of the Ministry of Health of Bolivia, Ms. Rocio Azurduy. The government plans to significantly increase the number of highly qualified doctors, so it is important to develop educational projects for residency. Now the Ministry of Health of Bolivia is considering the possibility of training 300 residents in Russia. The difficulty lies in the difference in educational standards: Bolivia's programs are designed for 4 years, and in Russia for 2 years. RUDN University has the right to develop its own curricula, and since the university has been working with foreigners for a long time and faced similar difficulties, the Residency + program has been developed to meet the requirements of partner countries. Many states support their residents for training under this program. This is also possible for Bolivia. It is necessary to start by determining the list of specialties for which the shortage of personnel is felt most acutely. The Ministry of Health of Bolivia will consider this issue in the near future.

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