“We were glad to be in Russia”: participants of the RUDN summer school from Pakistan about Russia, the university and Russian hospitality

“We were glad to be in Russia”: participants of the RUDN summer school from Pakistan about Russia, the university and Russian hospitality

Peace, tranquility, love for hiking, diligence, good service, hospitality and goodwill — this is what students from Pakistan remember most in Russia. Spices, butter, chocolate and... matryoshka dolls are what the students bring as souvenirs.

August 15 — 24, RUDN for the first time held a summer school on Russian language and ecology for students from the Punjab University (Pakistan). It is Pakistan’s oldest and largest research university with 49,500 students. 8 undergraduate and graduate students and 2 teachers of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering came to study theoretical issues and practice ensuring sustainable development of the oil industry — this topic was identified as a priority by Pakistani partners.

Classes were held in the form of lectures, master classes, excursions and extra-mural lectures. Students visited the park of the Kolomenskoye estate, the International Center for Sustainable Energy Development under the auspices of UNESCO, held field workshops on RUDN University campus. Participants learned how to monitor oil pollution, control oil products at socially significant facilities, organize the production and transportation of oil and gas, calculate environmental damage from oil spills, and much more. Classes were held in English, while students learned the basics of the Russian language for everyday communication.

Read what the students talk say about how the stereotypes about Russia collapsed and what was most surprising in Moscow and RUDN University.

Hafiz Hassan Abdullah:
“... I realized that in Russia I would definitely get any help I need”

“Before the trip to Russia, we were told that there are angry and unsociable people here, which is not true. We were also scared by the weather, but locals and guests of the capital are now enjoying the summer. It all happened the other way round. We saw different cultures in one place, visited the sights of Moscow, met Russian people. Everywhere is peace and tranquility.

There are a lot of activities at RUDN University — something happens every day. Before arriving, I read information about the university, events, student life — I really liked it. But when you are physically involved in everything, the emotions are completely different. At RUDN University, it is possible to combine extracurricular life and education. I am also very impressed with the hospitality. Everyone is ready to help. Even if they do not know the language, they open the translator and explain what to do and where to go. It is very important for a foreigner to ask for help, and I realized that in Russia I would definitely get any help I need.

In Russia, I bought sweaters for my sister and mother. I am also taking lots of chocolate and, of course, the matryoshka doll. But most of all I appreciate the experience that I bring home with me. ”

Talha Ahmed Kzan:
“...we are so glad we are here”

“Russia is very beautiful! Before coming here, we heard different things about the country — that people are very rude and they speak unkindly. It’s because of the media. But in the end, we realized that it was the other way around. It’s wonderful in Russia and RUDN, we are glad that we are here. Great atmosphere, good teachers! Most of all I remember the trip to the Kremlin. It’s fabulous! I liked the Armory — there is history in all the exhibits. That was incredible!

As a memory of the trip I’m taking chocolate home. People from Afghanistan, India and Pakistan are always talking about delicious Russian chocolate.”

Afifa Yasmin:
“...people walk a lot here”

“A trip to Russia is a huge opportunity that could not be missed.

The first thing that struck us here was the hospitality. We did not expect such a reception and respect for us. At RUDN University, I was surprised by the people who work so hard. There is a lot of walking here too. We started to think that we are lazybones compared to all the people here. It motivated me and made me do more and more. We really liked the local food, especially oil and spices, so we are taking them home with us.

I will always remember every day in Moscow. In our free time, we participated in events and activities at RUDN University, and communicated with students. To spend time and relax, you didn’t even have to go anywhere, everything is within reach — on campus.

As a memory of the trip, I’m taking a lot of impressions. I have souvenirs from Red Square. I will definitely buy something in memory of RUDN”.

Muhammad Usman Shakeel:
“...we made friends here”

“Thanks to all the organizers of RUDN University, who made us happy with their invitation to this university. I will never forget this trip. The people here are very talented, open-hearted, and ready to support. I especially remember their hospitality! It was a great honor to visit Russia and RUDN. We made friends here.”


In May 2022, a RUDN delegation visited Pakistan. Based on the results, a cooperation agreement was signed between RUDN University and the University of Punjab. The first areas of cooperation were the exchange of students in the field of natural sciences and engineering, as well as othanizing a joint summer school on the Russian language and ecology.

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