“Subscription for the new academic year is activated”: the results of the admission campaign and the emotions of 1st-year students

“Subscription for the new academic year is activated”: the results of the admission campaign and the emotions of 1st-year students

8,175 Russian students have joined the RUDN family. 2,470 of them got state-funded places. The university has processed over 100,000 applications this year.

The most popular areas of study in 2022:

  • “Advertising and Public Relations”;
  • “Linguistics”;
  • “Medicine”;
  • “Dentistry”;
  • “Jurisprudence”.

Top 5 most popular faculties / institutes among applicants in 2022:

  • Medical Institute
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Law Institute.

4,405 international students have already joined RUDN University this year. Someone is on the way, someone has already arrived, and we are still waiting for new students, because the admission of foreign applicants is on.

Most international 1st-year students are from Iran, China, Vietnam and Egypt. The most popular areas of study among foreigners are “General Medicine”, “Dentistry”, “International Relations”, “Economics”, “Jurisprudence” and “Linguistics”.

First impressions of RUDN freshmen

Smiles of students, new acquaintances and excitement, hundreds of selfies near the fountain — this is September 1, at RUDN University. Why RUDN? What are the first impressions? Share emotions of the first-year students.

“A friend told me about RUDN University, and I immediately understood I want to go there. When I first came, I really liked the atmosphere. People are so friendly, there are many different nationalities. This year I want to find many friends, study hard and live an active student life. So far, the most scary thing for me is defending my diploma in English and the subject ‘Economic Geography’, but I can definitely do it!” says Fidan Yelchieva, 1st — year student at the Faculty of Economics, Russian Federation.

“I have been learning Russian for 3 weeks, but besides it I know 8 more languages. I chose RUDN University because there are many nationalities here and my friends told me a lot about the university. I am not afraid of anything, because here I am not alone — I have friends and excellent teachers with me. I really like RUDN University basketball court. I play basketball and really want to get into the national team,” Mukhammedrakhim Mirzakalonov, 1st — year student of the Engineering Academy, Turkey.

“I really liked the atmosphere, many majors and a lot of state-funded places. The entrance exams were not too difficult — 2 state exam subjects and drawing. There are many activities, a beautiful building, wonderful teachers. I wanted to be here very much, and here I am. My fear is not to be able to communicate with everyone, but I want to make many acquaintances and create memories with my classmates” says Daria Klyaschitskaya, 1st-year student of Architecture, Engineering Academy, Russian Federation.

“I chose RUDN University because of the people. I personally went around many universities, and here I found excellent admissions officers who were ready to answer all my questions even if it took 2 hours. The modern hall of the main building is simply amazing. I want to learn English, so I will get my second diploma in the Translator’s program. My goal now is to get to know my team better. I am fond of theatre, music, computer games and I hope to find what I want,” says Ivan Isaev, 1st — year student of International Law, Law Institute, Russian Federation.

“At RUDN University you can meet many amazing people of different nationalities and communicate with them — that’s why I came here. My faculty is brand new and I expect a strong program from professional teachers. I am delighted that I will create a new profession. I am more of a philologist, but I will be glad to study computer science. I have some fear that I won’t cope with IT and mathematics, but I believe that competent teachers will explain everything. I saw the timetable and was surprised by the Internet Folklore subject,” says Arina Kostina, 1st year student of Applied Digital Philology, Institute of the Russian Language, Russian Federation.

“RUDN was the first university on my list, and it was love at first sight. I am sure that there will be many new acquaintances, activities and knowledge. I have already joined some clubs, I also want to join KVN. I like beauty, I really like turtles and fish in the lobby of the main building and the interior inside the building. And the main fear of a first-year student is to get lost here,” says Daria Volynschikova, 1st — year student of Advertising and Public Relations, Institute of World Economy and Business, Russian Federation.

“I got a state-funded place, so RUDN University became my number 1 choice. I really hope for good grades, I can’t wait to meet my teachers and classmates. And I also want to communicate with different people. I have a fear — my native language is English and it’s a little scary how they will understand me and what I will understand in class. I try to make more friends so as not to get lost here, it’s easier to find contacts with everyone. I’ve already seen the schedule, I’m really looking forward to biology, even though it has wide subject boundaries and you will need to learn a lot of things,” says Annabelle Glory, 1st — year student of General Medicine, Medical Institute, Nigeria.

“I chose RUDN University because I saw many opportunities for students to express themselves. I like everything — from the tuition fee to the people who study and work here. I’m a journalist, I watched the Rector’s interview and was delighted. The tutors always support us, and this is very pleasing. The people here are the best. I used to be a cadet, I am glad that at RUDN University I am free from strict rules and uniform, although I love this experience. I’ve chosen an activity for myself — culture clubs, I look forward to it, ” says Stanislav Samotes, 1st — year student of Journalism, Faculty of Philology, Russian Federation.

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