50 countries — one ticket: RUDN University send guests of the “Planet South-West” festival on a journey

50 countries — one ticket: RUDN University send guests of the “Planet South-West” festival on a journey

Once a year, RUDN Airlines give you the opportunity to visit dozens of countries in a few hours. No visa and luggage — take only the most necessary things: a student card and good mood. RUDN University students from 50 countries introduced the guests of the “Planet South-West” festival to their cultures and traditions.

There are thousands of kilometers between these countries on the map, and one step on the RUDN University square. Each community has its own surprises for the guests.

Lebanese students explained what the elements of national costumes mean, showed clay castles and fortresses. There are a lot of cedar figurines on the table of Lebanon. This is the symbol of the country, which is even depicted on the flag. The most inquisitive guests left the Lebanese with drawings on their hands and key chains.

“For the Lebanese community, participation in the festival is a tradition, we are here every year. The exhibitions have changed — there used to be national food and drinks. But despite the new rules, we were able to prepare well. Thanks to the festival, we show our culture to other nations. People visit many exhibitions, but each is interesting for them in a special way! We always draw the Lebanese flag on the hands of everyone — some come to our tent just for the drawings, others want to see souvenirs, and still others are attracted by ancient stories and legends,” says Hussein Abbas, President of RUDN University Students’ Association from Lebanon, Medical Institute, General Medicine, 5th year.

Students from Afghanistan introduced the work of Afghan craftsmen: homemade bags, leather hats, straw ornaments, dresses ... The colorful women’s national costumes stood out most of all.

“I have been in Moscow for three years, and three times at the festival. The Chad community annually participates in this wonderful holiday. There was little time to organize, but we quickly learned the dances and made an exhibition. The festival is an opportunity to show your culture. The things that we show on our tables have a long history. There was also an interactive that attracted attention — students and guests danced with us to the drums,” says Mahamat Timan Nassour, President of RUDN University Students’ Association from Chad, Faculty of Philology, Journalism, 2nd year.

The state with the capital of Kathmandu is Nepal. Students greeted guests in national dress - hakupatasi, gave out jewelry with Tibetan inscriptions and demonstrated wooden statuettes of Buddha and figurines of temples.

There are about a dozen students on the “island” of Peru. The boys costumes reflect the sun, and the girls’ bright scarlet lipstick can be seen from afar.

“We are located near the entrance to the square and are the first to meet the guests of the festival. Today we surprise RUDN University friends with unusual guests — an alpaca, llama and python. The brightest thing that Peru has is dancing and cuisine. I advise you to try ceviche with sea bass and sweet potato”, says Alessandro Blancas Gallegos (Peru), Institute of Law, Jurisprudence, 2nd year.

Yemenis talked about national costumes and showed the main element of a man's costume - jambiya. It is a curved dagger with a wide blade that tourists bring as a souvenir.

Students from Sri Lanka at the festival tried themselves in the role of travel agents:

“The guests asked us where they should definitely go. We talked about beaches and sights, about Buddhist culture, advised to try Ceylon tea”, says Rev Suriaveva Gnanadassi Tehero, Faculty of Philology, Linguistics, 1st year master student.

Even guests from other countries attended the festival. Students from Belarus and Serbia came to the International Student Assembly. RUDN Student Council introduced the guests to the international family of the university.

“There are no such festivals in Serbia, so it is a pleasure for us to come to Moscow and visit Planet South-West. We are glad to have received the invitation. RUDN University is great, the organization is perfect. I remember Cuba the most - they are the funniest guys. The festival is a good opportunity for students to present their country, make friends with each other, learn about the cultural differences that exist between countries. I will be happy to come back again.”


Margareta Smiljanic (Serbia)
University of Belgrade.

“Planet Southwest is about scope, fun and something new. When we entered the gates of RUDN University, we fell into a different reality. Everything here is different from our university: you immediately meet guys from many countries of different nationalities, you hear many languages. RUDN is a whole city inside Moscow. And thanks to the event, which we were lucky to attend today, I learned a lot about countries, although I study at the Faculty of Geography.”


Ivan Borovikov (Belarus)
Belarusian State University, Geoecology

 Moscow schoolchildren came to the festival in the frame of project “I have a foreign friend”.

“This is my first time at the festival and I know for sure that next year I will come again. RUDN University is very colorful, fun and warm. I especially remember students from Colombia — I am taking a bracelet and a soft toy for my younger sister with me as a keepsake. I liked the idea of ​​the event, where you can meet people from a huge number of countries, and look at their culture. You will not get bored here — exhibitions, songs, dances, drumming and pleasant little things — souvenirs that remain in memory.”


Polina Brusova
student of school № 1770
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