61st anniversary "University is lighting the stars!"

61st anniversary "University is lighting the stars!"

One more year has passed, we are 61!

A year ago, we celebrated the anniversary on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, today we are celebrating online!

Borders are closed, but we are re-opening the world in one University! We invite everyone to join and share the joy of this event with us!

An exciting festive program features interactive games, virtual contests, lotteries, creative workshops, awards, marathons, relay races and an unforgettable festive concert!


When: 25.01.2021
Time: 1.30 pm
Where: MS Teams

January 25, on the Day of Russian Students at 1:30, the program will be opened by the scientific and practical conference “60 years of student compatriot organizations in Russia”

RUDN was the first university to start student compatriot organizations. We set a trend that has been living and developing for 60 years: 120 compatriot organizations, “OHANA”, the first volunteer department in Russia, more than 1,000 events a year and tens of thousands of “cultural ambassadors” of their countries.

A special guest is Pyotr Kucherenko, graduate of RUDN University of 2001, professor, Doctor of Law, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Trust us, we have something to share with you!

When: 25.01.2021
Time: 6.00 pm
Where: Instagram @rudn_fest

Mission control center, asteroid, Sirius, the Sun, astronauts and the constellation of Peoples’ Friendship — every word has its own meaning. For example, the constellation of Peoples’ Friendship is a place for each of us, whose heart was conquered by the University. In the game “Who are you in the RUDN Universe?” each of you will be able to define your role in the life of the University.

Everyone can participate: alumni, students, partners, teachers, staff and friends of the University. Go to Instagram account @rudn_fest, define your role and tell your friends about it.

When: 26.01.2021
Time: 6.00 pm
Where: Instagram @rudn_fest

Leonid Krupets and Pineiro Salomon Gurzhel, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya and Jagdeo Bharrat, Abbas Mahmud and Karim Masimov — all these people are outstanding graduates of the University. On Instagram account @rudn_fest, each of you will be able to guess whether the facts about RUDN University graduates are true and learn more about them. Let’s check how much you know about RUDN University graduates.

When: 27.01.2021
Time: 4:30pm
Where: Registration
Game: MS Teams

Intellectual battle based on the legendary game “What? Where? When?". Make your team of connoisseurs of your beloved RUDN University! The topic is the University history and achievements.

Date and time: 27.01.2021 3.00pm - 31.01.2021 8:00pm
Platform: Instagram, Instagram, Vkontakte

COSMO-dining room, COSMO-polyclinic, COSMO-fountains, COSMO-coworking, COSMO-Sport center, Assembly COSMO-hall are places of power for every student and graduate of the University. In these places, you met friends, prepared for exams, admired your teachers, sang songs to the guitar and fell in love. Cast your vote for the "place of power", which can be called the center of RUDN Universe.
Voting is in the social network Vkontakte, account @scrudn until 31.01.2021, 8.00pm. 
Find your "place of power"!

When: 01.29.2021
Time: 19.00
Where: Instagram

What dish does the Rector cook? And what will our graduate surprise with?
RUDN University Rector Oleg Yastrebov and graduate of the Faculty of Economics, famous blogger Shevghi Akhadov will hold a master class on cooking their favorite dishes. While cooking, they will tell about themselves, answer each other's questions, share recipes and success stories.

When: 30.01.2021
Time: 3.00 pm
Where: Instagram

During 61 years, the University has trained more than 200,000 specialists and "stars" are now shining on the horizon of Peoples’ Friendship.
January 30, we will prove that we are united, strong and always in touch with the University.
Students, alumni, faculty, partners will unite and collect 61,000 comments together to wish their University a happy birthday.
Go to Instagram, leave wishes, comments and stars under the post about the interactive game.

When: 01.02.2021
Time: 12.00 am
Where: Instagram

Try your luck - take part in the Star Lottery!
February 1, from 12.00 am to 6.00 pm, leave congratulations on RUDN University birthday in your @scrudn account. Everyone who leaves a wish will be given a serial number. At 6.00 pm we will determine the winners through a random number generator! Good luck!

When: 03.02.2021
Time: 3.00 pm
Where: Instagram 

 “Я люблю РУДН!
I love you RUDN!
Oui je t'aime RUDN!
Yo te amo RUDN! "
These are the words of the University anthem that every student and graduate will recognize.
February 3, tell us why you love the University. Continue the phrase "I love RUDN for ..." We are waiting for your heartiest confessions!
Those who collect more "likes" will receive valuable prizes.

When: 04.02.2021 
Time: 12.00 am
Where: Instagram

The Intergalactic online relay is another opportunity to remember your student years and thank the University!
How was it that RUDN University conquered your heart?
Share your memories and pass it over to your friends!
The brightest quotes will be announced on February 5, at the online concert "The University that changes fates."

We held a video competition “RUDN University Planet”.
Students made videos about study and life at RUDN University, posted them in their accounts with hashtags #RUDN_University, #Planet_RUDN, #RUDN_61
Someone worked solo, others teamed up with friends.
The winners will receive diplomas and prizes.
The results of the competition will be announced on February 5, at the online concert "University that changes fates" and on the Vkontakte social network @scrudn

Who shines the brightest? Who is the brightest star in the RUDN skyline?
We will choose them among the most talented students starting from 2nd-year students and finally know who at the University is:

  • "Star Leader"
  • "RUDN University Comet "
  • "International student of RUDN_university planet"
  • "Rising star of RUDN_university planet "
  • "Our Altair, our champion"

The results will be announced on February 5, at the final online concert!

When: 05.02. 2021
Time: 3:00 pm
Where: YouTube 

3:00 pm - Film "The Year of Reboot"
3:20 pm -  Festive program
Congratulations from Rector Oleg Yastrebov and President of the University Vladimir Filippov, rewarding teachers based on the rankings, video messages from alumni.
6:00 pm - Concert 
Summing up the results of RUDN_universe Shining award, announcement of the winners of the video competition "RUDN University Planet", creative numbers from the Interclub studios

International Dance Ensemble "Rhythms of Friendship" - "Neon Ballerinas":

The most magical work of P.Tchaikovsky, famous all over the world - ballet "The Nutcracker". Often in classical operas or ballets there is one or more well-known numbers that become iconic and beloved by the public. In the repertoire of the most "adult" studio of the Interclub "Rhythms of Friendship" there are also scenes from "The Nutcracker".
Modern reading of Tchaikovsky's classics, unusual "neon" costumes - this is a new interpretation of the timeless classic "Dance of the Jelly Fairies". The dance will make your hearts freeze with delight!

Folk group "KRAPIVA"

How many languages are spoken at RUDN University? - All languages of the world! And they also sing in all languages! Our "KRAPIVA"  sings with the whole world! The mix of the song “My Nightingale” and the popular song of Adele “Send my love” is a tribute to rich folk traditions and a modern view on creativity. Our "KRAPIVA" is ready to surprise you!

Caucasian dance studio and African students – “Interclub Rhythms”


  • April 2017, the University's most talented students performed on the main stage of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The audience remembered the rhythms of the drums, united by one idea - the idea of  peoples’ friendship. The drums of Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Ossetia and Cote d'Ivoire joined in one rhythm.
  • February 2020, “Drummers of the World” conquered the main stage of the country. The rhythms of African and Caucasian drums sounded at the State Kremlin Palace at the University Anniversary.
  • February 5, 2021, the world is changing - sites for performances are changing too, but traditions remain! The battle of drums from around the world is now online. We are waiting for you!
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Life in RUDN
03 Aug
“In my work, the main thing is people. Whatever I design, it should be completely satisfying to society,” – Morjadino Da Fonseca Vera Kruz, PhD student at the Academy of Engineering from Sao Tome and Principe

Morjadino flew from warm Sao Tome to Moscow to receive the profession of an architect of buildings and structures. He loves Khrushchev apartment buildings (5-storey buildings of the 60’s), lives according to the laws of Vitruvius and wants to create something useful for society. We asked Morjadino what motivated him to move to Russia, why he chose Architecture and what project he presented at the Golden Section festival.

Life in RUDN
01 Aug
Resident of RUDN Institute of Medicine saves a man’s life on board the plane

July 18, one of the passengers of Qatar Airways Moscow-Doha flight QR340 felt bad. Alaa Al Hajj, a Lebanese resident of RUDN Institute of Medicine (Traumatology and Orthopedics), who was flying on vacation, came to his aid. The young doctor provided first aid and convinced the crew to make an emergency landing at Kuwait International Airport to transfer the passenger to the medical team. Thanks to Alaa, the man remained alive.

Life in RUDN
07 Jul
Meaningful summer means comfortable academic year!

The third working semester of the International student construction brigade “Meridian of Friendship” was opened at RUDN University. Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Mikhail Katsarsky motivated the students to work, speaking about his student path in the construction team, tied bandanas to the leaders and handed out tasks.