"Grade book from ice" and cajoling the Learned Cat - how RUDN University celebrated Student's Day

"Grade book from ice" and cajoling the Learned Cat - how RUDN University celebrated Student's Day

An ice grade book and warm smiles, sour cream for the Learned Cat, and holidays to students. January 25, RUDN University celebrated students’ “professional” holiday.

RUDN University students from distant countries are already accustomed to snowmen, but the human-sized ice grade book was a surprise! Activists of the Russian movement of schoolchildren, with the support of Russian student teams, made an ice grade book, which calls on future applicants to make an informed choice of profession. The art object created as part of the All-Russian campaign “Do as you know” is located on the square in front of RUDN University. The participants of the event completed the sculpture, namely, wrote the words “grade book”.

In turn, the students who got 100 points at all exams, “buttered up” the symbol of a successful exam session — the Learned Cat. For 6 years, the “inhabitant” of the library of the main building of the university has been spoiled with sour cream.

“It is a difficult choice for schoolchildren, because they need to determine the further path in the ever-changing reality. I suggest you listen to your parents and take their advice, but do as you yourself know. Always listen to your heart and your desires, because everything you do must be done with love. Your actions should never harm other people”, said Natalya Bocharova, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

“The purpose of today’s campaign ‘Do as you know’ is to find out if students have chosen their profession correctly. With an ice sculpture, we want to show that a grade book in the spring can melt and study for its sake is not worth it, because then there will be no knowledge, and we will not succeed in the profession. In high school, when you are 14-17, parents begin to push and cite as a role model the son of mother’s friend. And many teenagers are lost. It is important to act as only you know! When you choose your mission, there will be no competitors on the way. You will be the best!” said Irina Plescheva, executive director of the Russian movement of schoolchildren.

Buttering the Cat — Tradition Works!

Freeloading won’t do here! The tradition to “butter up” the Cat is 6 years old. During this time, the average score of RUDN University students has been growing by one tenth from year to year. Sleepless nights of preparation for exams or the “magic” of the Learned Cat helped this — nobody knows. But since 2016, RUDN University students has been grateful to the Cat for good marks at the exam — they treat the Cat to sour cream and sweets, scratch behind ears and rub the nose.

“The exam session is over, holidays are beginning. I wish students a break from phones, tablets and computers. Go in for sports: go ice skating and skiing, get on a snowboard. Get some energy!

I wish you many reasons to be in a good mood in the new academic semester! Happy Student’s day! ” said Oleg Yastrebov, Rector of RUDN University.

Natalya Bocharova, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, was the first to treat the Cat with sour cream.

“We are in an amazing place! It was a great idea to create a wonderful university bringing together the largest number of people from different countries.

I want you not only to feed the Cat for good grades, but above all to study. We have just carved a grade book out of ice — it also has some magical meaning. But you need to study not for the sake of a grade book, but for yourself, enjoying it. All this will then go to the bank of your knowledge and professional skills, what you can do for yourself and for society. Let’s feed the Cat so that this year and the next, the Cat does not forget you until the last term paper!” said Natalia Bocharova, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

“For the first time, we are buttering up the Learned Cat in the frame of digital learning. This proves once again how students honor the traditions of the university. Friends, I wish you maximum success in your educational, scientific and creative activities. Thanks to each of you, it was possible to transfer student activity online”, said Vladislav Orlov, Chairman of RUDN University Student Council.


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