A kaleidoscope of cultures and events: what do you remember about Planet South-West 2022?

A kaleidoscope of cultures and events: what do you remember about Planet South-West 2022?

May 14, RUDN University hosted the 34th Planet South-West festival. Patrice Lumumba square gathered more than 3 thousand guests. 500 students prepared exhibitions from 61 countries and a concert of 53 numbers. The most popular groups of RUDN Interclub — from “Rhythms of Friendship” and “Rainbow” to the folk group “Krapiva” and the Caucasian Dance Studio greeted the guests with songs and dances.

The guests of the festival were greeted by Vladimir Promyslov, Deputy Prefect of the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow:

“Without leaving the South-Western District of Moscow, you can visit several dozen countries just on RUDN University Square.
 hope that the annual tradition of the Planet Southwest Festival, established in our district, will continue in the future.”

Traditionally, Sergei Bazavluk, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at RUDN University, spoke at the opening of the festival concert:

“It is especially pleasing that today Patrice Lumumba square gathered not only students and staff of RUDN University, but also local residents.
 open to the city. Moscow residents work out in the mornings on the sports grounds of the university, after having breakfast, lunch and dinner in numerous cafes on campus, enjoying the fountain and relaxing in the shade of the trees.
Among the guests today are Moscow schoolchildren, some of
 whom will become RUDN students. They came to get acquainted with the university, to feel the atmosphere of celebration and internationality.
The main participants and organizers of
 the festival are RUDN international students. They prepared exhibitions from 61 countries and a concert.”

The community of Mexican students organized the “Day of the Dead” holiday — everyone could have traditional masks painted on the faces. The Turkish community organized a “henna night” — everyone who wished could participate. The Indonesian students treated the guests with coffee sweets, and the Ecuadorians organized a performance-game “Corrida”.

Hamimed Abdelhek, president of the Algerian community, RUDN University Medical Institute, “Dentistry”, 4th year.

Today we are presenting an extensive exposition. This is national food — Algerian bread, and clothes; we talk about how people lived in Algeria before, about the dishes that our ancestors cooked; we show paintings that depict different cities and towns of Algeria. I participate in the festival for the sixth time. Here you can get acquainted with different cultures of the world, and this feels like a real journey.

For tourists who ever plan to visit Algiers, I advise to go to three places: the capital of Algeria, and the towns of Aran and Jijel — these are the most beautiful places in my native country.

Diallo Hava (Guinea), President of RUDN Association of African Students, postgraduate student of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, “Comparative Politics”, 1st year.

Today at the festival there are exhibitions of 23 African countries: Burundi, Congo, Cameroon, Guinea and others. Students show traditional clothes — dresses, costumes, masks and jewelry; national musical instruments, such as drums, without which it is impossible to imagine Africa. There are figurines on the tables that depict the life of people in Africa. For example, a woman with a child who carries a fruit basket or a bowl of water on her head.

I have been participating in the festival since 2013. I thank the university for the opportunity to get acquainted with the national cultures of different countries. The festival is a world that opens up for me in a new way every time.

About the festival “Planet South-West” in three words: Friendship. Love. World.

Damdinsuren Dairiymaa, President of the Mongolian Association, Faculty of Economics of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, 3rd year.

We show guests the national script - in the form of paintings, and traditional clothes. At our exhibition there are chess made in the national style, various travel books and magazines.
If you ask me what you should definitely see in Mongolia, then for a start I advise you to go to the capital - Ulaanbaatar, see it, and then go to the countryside. Very few people live there, and in my opinion, this is a good opportunity to experience the tranquility of the Mongolian steppe. You should definitely see Lake Khupskul - this is our Mongolian Baikal.
At the festival, I feel the unity of all countries. People are friendly and open, they are happy to represent their culture. And the important thing is that even though we don't know each other, we are all friends. About the festival "Planet South-West" in three words: Multilateral. Rich. Impressive.

Kullach Oguz Kagan - President of the Turkish Association, RUDN Engineering Academy, "Architecture", 3rd year.
Today, Turkey presents paintings depicting majestic Istanbul. Everyone could get henna drawings on the hands.
As a student and president of the community, I have participated in the festival for the first time, but my countrymen have been organizing an exhibition of Turkey for several years now.
I really like the atmosphere of internationality and mutual assistance. RUDN University connects us all and teaches us to help each other.
If you want to go on a trip to Turkey, of course, the first and obligatory point is Istanbul, then Antalya. Izmir is also a beautiful city. Excellent tourist cities for young people and students are Marmaris and Bodrum.
If you want to see the mountains, then go to my hometown - Trabzon. It is very small and because of this, the residents always help each other, it is very comfortable there.
About the festival "Planet South-West" in three words: Festival. Peoples. Culture.

Abdulqader Qais Rafek Abdo, President of the Yemen Association, RUDN Engineering Academy, “Geology”, 2nd year master’s program.

Every year we participate in this wonderful fest “Planet Southwest”. Today the exhibition of Yemen features souvenirs, national clothes and women’s jewelry. We tell guests about the special architecture of our country, about culture, traditions and history. Mandatory attributes of the exhibition are daggers, this is part of our national clothes.

I have been studying at RUDN for the seventh year already and I always participate in the festival and other national exhibitions. The Planet South-West Festival is my favorite holiday at RUDN University. And the reason for this is the incredible atmosphere of friendship between peoples.

Foreigners who want to visit Yemen should definitely visit Socotra Island. Incredible nature and birds await tourists there. It is a very beautiful place! I also like the old part of the capital — the city of Sana’a. I admire the architecture of the city, I like to walk there with my friends.

About the festival “Planet South-West” in three words: the festival of friendship between peoples.

Abbas Hussein, President of the Lebanese Association, RUDN University Medical Institute, “Medicine”, 6th year.

By tradition, we have a creative exhibition. We paint the flag of Lebanon to all guests. We show figurines and paintings depicting historical places.

Arriving in Lebanon, the first thing to do is to go to the capital — the city of Beirut. Then — go to Baalbek, one of the most ancient cities in the world, there are many historical places and temples.

I have been participating in the festival for the sixth year, as an organizer it is my third year. Planet Southwest is a special holiday for me. For one day, the square turns into a meeting place with students from around the world. We get to know each other and the traditions of our native countries, sing, dance and take pictures. RUDN unites!

About the festival “Planet South-West” in three words: the world in miniature.

Odai Khanun, President of the Palestine Association, RUDN Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, "International Relations", 2nd year master's program.
We show folk clothes, for example, keffiyeh - a men's headscarf. We talk about the sights of the country.
I have been participating in the “Planet Southwest” festival for the sixth year now. It is always beautiful here, we introduce guests to our culture and get acquainted with the cultures of other countries.
About the festival "Planet South-West" in three words: Beautiful. Interesting. Great.
Among the guests of the festival were activists of the student union of the Belarusian State University.

Nikita Mironov, representative of the BSU Student Union:
The festival is
 a wonderful event. It was very interesting to meet students from several dozen countries.
About the festival “Planet South-West” in
 three words: Colorful. Global. Incredibly cool.

Maria Poznyak, representative of the student union of BSU:
The festival impresses with the scale and number of
 associations. You can see that the guys have been preparing for more than one day and are now very nervous. At the exhibition of each country there is a bright and incendiary mini-concert. Here you get an incredible charge of energy and emotions.
 can’t single out any particular country, each surprises with something. For example, I have seen Sao Tome and Principe and Sierra Leone only on the map, but today I was able to meet students from these countries.
About the festival “Planet South-West” in
 three words: International. Global. Vigorous.

For the first time at the festival, students organized an exhibition of RUDN Volunteer Center. There are many international volunteers at the university and the festival is an opportunity to talk about activities. RUDN Volunteer Center speaks all languages ​​of the world, so the “Planet South-West” without volunteers is not a planet.

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