“I love to create something new — I have found my place in science,” Ngbala-Okpabi Obarijima Godwin Samuel, student of the Engineering Academy of RUDN University

“I love to create something new — I have found my place in science,” Ngbala-Okpabi Obarijima Godwin Samuel, student of the Engineering Academy of RUDN University

Obarijima came from Nigeria and entered RUDN in 2016. Now he is studying in the first year of the master’s program at the Engineering academy and has already managed to register a patent. Read his interview about why he decided to study in Russia, about registering a patent and about VR5 engines.

What inspired you to study in Russia?

I wanted to study abroad. It gives an opportunity to visit different places, get to know another culture, learn a language and make new friends. Russia is one of the world’s leading countries in production. My parents told me about RUDN, the most international university in the country.

What emotions did you experience when you landed in Russia for the first time?

I was very nervous, but I expected everything to work out. When I entered the subway, it was as if I saw a completely different world, which is getting bigger every year. You can get to any point in Moscow by metro — a very convenient transport system. I can’t get used to the Russian frost in any way — every winter is felt in a new way.

What events or people helped you to adapt in Moscow?

The community of students from Nigeria has always been there. I was met at the airport, accompanied when I underwent a medical examination, received a visa and registration. I found good friends in the community. The hardest part was in the first year, but my classmates helped me — they explained difficult topics and shared notes.

Everyone adapts differently. One thing I know for sure — the feeling of loneliness will not help you get comfortable in a new environment. My advice is to find some space at university where you feel comfortable, participate in competitions, go to new places, and meet people.

Why did you choose “Power engineering”?

Internal combustion engines and turbines, although not an everyday topic, play an important role in the transportation of people and the production of energy for life. Without power engineering we will return to the 19th century. The environment is polluted, so the study of work processes and designs to improve them will help improve our lives and the lives of future generations.

In 2022, it seems as if it is impossible to invent anything new. But you have registered a patent “Automatic determination of the total inertia force of the first order of the reciprocating moving masses of the first order and its moment in the VR5 engine.”

Internal combustion engines (ICE) have a lot of moving parts that create a certain vibration — they rotate at a very high speed. The principle of operation of an internal combustion engine is the combustion of a mixture of fuel and air in order to obtain useful energy. When ICE parts rotate at such a speed, for example, in a car, it is inconvenient and uncomfortable to drive. Therefore, in order to balance (reduce) these vibrations, balance shafts are used. You don’t install them randomly. You need to know the number and at what angle to put them. To facilitate the process, Vallejo Maldonado Pablo Ramón, my scientific adviser, and I have registered a computer program “Automatic determination of the total first-order inertia force of reciprocating moving masses of the first order and its momentum in a VR5 engine”.

What is your program like?

This is a calculation algorithm that automatically determines the number and angle of the balance shafts to balance these forces and moments specifically for VR5 engines.

VR is one of the engine configurations. For example, there is an in-line and V-shaped. The VR5 is derived from the VR6 engine family, but has one cylinder less. “VR” is the configuration, and “5” is the number of cylinders. It also has a camber angle of 15֩ and a certain displacement of the cylinders relative to the crankshaft. We chose this engine because of its design features.

What motivated you to get into science?

I like to create something new — I have found my place in science. Thanks to it, the world is developing. The future is built on what is currently being researched.

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