Our shared dream is to travel

Our shared dream is to travel

Mikhail and Alexandra met in their first year at a lecture in philosophy. During 6 years at RUDN University, they managed to complete “International Relations” program and build the Chernyaev family. November 25, they will have twice more chances to win a car at the RUDN University A — students assembly.

What’s the hardest part about excellent academic performance?

Allocate time correctly. The goals we set for ourselves always require attention. But there are still hobbies and interests, I want to do a lot of things and at the same time remain in harmony with myself. It is also important to enjoy what you are doing, be it study, scientific activity, work. Then all difficulties are solved easily and quickly.

What’s your favorite subject? Why?

Alexandra: I like subjects related to international security, international development and those pragmatic and socially significant for a person, state, and the international system.

Mikhail: I have always liked subjects related to history — be it the history of international relations, the history of foreign policy of a state or the history of world culture. It has always been interesting, while studying the events of the past, to find parallels with current events. In history, you can find answers to many pressing questions. The main thing is to properly dispose of the knowledge gained.

What inspires you?

Mikhail: Active leisure, sports and travel. I love cinema very much, for me it is on a par with such incarnations of art as poetry or painting. In the same way, you need to be able to understand it, so as not to absorb unnecessary things, but to learn what can be called a life lesson.

Alexandra: I am inspired by new interesting ideas, projects, hobbies, learning languages, reading books. I recently started playing the ukulele, and I am also learning a new language — Spanish. This is my old dream. It helps unwind after a hard day. I love to spend time outdoors, walk and travel.

Tell us about the person you look up to? Perhaps this is somebody famous?

Alexandra: Rather, when I communicate with people, I see some qualities that seem close to me, and I try to make myself better. Also I am inspired by the achievements of other people, often close ones, friends, I am happy and wany to achieve more.

Mikhail: my parents are my role model, I try to take the best from communication with family and friends. I agree that I do not want to single out someone specific, it will not work. There are many people around who have a lot to learn from.

If you were given an extra day of the week, what would you spend it on?

Alexandra: On family, sports, hobbies and walks in the fresh air. This is always lacking. Study, scientific activity, work take up a lot of time, sometimes even on weekends. It would be great if I had one more day of the week, I would make it time for relaxing.

Mikhail: Most of the time is really spent on work and study, so I would definitely spend an extra day, if such a miracle happened, on communication with loved ones, sports and recreation. In other words, I would choose everything for which, unfortunately, there is often not enough time.

What is your favorite place in RUDN University?

Mikhail: Even now, when we don’t go to university so often to study, we often come here for a walk, it’s nice to be here. I really like the co-working space in the main building. The first time I saw this place was when I took part in the League of Nations Model.

Alexandra: RUDN University campus as a whole has an incredible atmosphere. When I came to enroll, I walked around the territory and saw many students from different countries play football. I really like the square with fountains near the main building, the stadium, the cafes. Every year I am greatly impressed by the “Planet Southwest” fest — it seems to me that it is only here that one can get acquainted with such a huge number of traditions, cultures and values .

If you go to postgraduate school, which department will you choose and why?

We want to do postgraduate studies — this is a new interesting stage in our life. I would like to go to the Department of Theory and History of International Relations, where we have been studying since the first year.

Do you have one dream for two?

We both love to travel. I would like to discover as many new countries, cultures and traditions as possible.

Interviewed by Daria Maratkanova

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