Project 6.0 “Green University”: RUDN planting “trees of friendship” around the world

Project 6.0 “Green University”: RUDN planting “trees of friendship” around the world

RUDN University has launched the Green University project. Together with partner universities, it plants “trees of friendship” in different countries. Each tree is a step towards preserving the green world.

The greenest university in Russia is strengthening friendship with foreign colleagues, jointly greening the planet. Lebanon and Ecuador, Kenya and Armenia, Bolivia and Cote d’Ivoire ... Country by country, the geography of the project is expanding.

Follow the project news in the "Green University"section on the website of RUDN 60th anniversary

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30 Sep
RUDN and FISU: sports track at the university

Winter and summer Universiades (World Student Games), championships and world cups among students, more than 60 sports and athletes from 150 countries — this is all about FISU. FISU is the International University Sports Federation, promoting sports activities among students around the world. Read our article about FISU and student sports.

Life in RUDN
10 Sep
The first World Cup among students in powerlifting is to be held in Russia

More than 200 students from 40 countries will come to Russia in July, 2022, to fight for the World Cup in powerlifting.

Life in RUDN
26 Aug
RUDN University student Zoya Schurova at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo

Zoya is now in Tokyo for the 16th Summer Paralympic Games. The most important start of her sports career will take place on 28 August. She participates in swimming competitions among people with locomotive disabilities.