Project 6.0 "Man of the first Year": the history of the university in the words of the first teachers

Project 6.0 "Man of the first Year": the history of the university in the words of the first teachers

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of RUDN University, it launches the project “Man of the year of the creation of RUDN University”. The heroes of the project are teachers and staff who came to the university in the early years of its existence and connected their lives with it.

In the words of witnesses, we want to show how the university changed and grew, expanded the geography of students and blurred the boundaries of differences, took the first steps on the path from Patrice Lumumba University to RUDN University.

Read the interview in the "Man of the first Year" section on the website of the 60th anniversary of RUDN University

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Life in RUDN
30 Dec 2022
2023 New Year congratulations of RUDN Rector Oleg Yastrebov

Life in RUDN
05 Dec 2022
Great love for the profession and alma mater. The story of Victoria Ismagilova, an excellent student of 10 semesters of RUDN Engineering Academy

Almost every answer by Victoria is full of warm words about RUDN University, about teachers and about the entire student community. Our heroine is a future petroleum engineer. Read about why you should not divide professions into male and female, how to find an oil field using a computer and what Batman has to do with it in an interview with Victoria Ismagilova, a 10-semester A- student of the Oil and Gas Business.

Life in RUDN
02 Dec 2022
“I have a stool and a lampshade in my collection, as well as graphics works and paintings,” Anastasia Chugunova, an excellent student of Design of the architectural environment

Our heroine chooses the Soviet avant-garde or modern depending on the mood. She believes that the most important thing in architecture is to combine practical and aesthetic approaches. She loves architectural bionics. It all started with the love for drawing. Here is the story of Anastasia Chugunova, an architecture student who has been an excellent student for 5 years.