The project of the Ecological faculty students "First aid training club" enters the next stage of the All-Russian competition "Volunteer of Russia-2018"

The project of the Ecological faculty students "First aid training club" enters the next stage of the All-Russian competition "Volunteer of Russia-2018"

The project "First aid training club" for students of RUDN Ecological faculty entered the full-time stage of the regional selection of the All-Russian competition "Volunteer of Russia-2018" in the nomination "Brave hearts". Now the team has to present its work to the expert committee of the contest and compete for reaching the final. The presentation lasts only 4 minutes.

The club was founded in autumn 2017, by several students and teachers of the Department of Applied Ecology of RUDN Ecological Faculty. At the time of its foundation, it was a small course on life-wrestling - a technique for mass training in first aid skills with mandatory training on robot simulators showing various injuries and accidents. During one year, 500 people underwent the practical course. The result of all activities is the First Aid Training Club, which created its HSE-management School.

In total, over 200 applications were submitted in 12 nominations in Moscow, covering various areas - protection of the cultural environment and historical memory, promotion of security culture, educational activities, work with unprotected layers of the population, etc.

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Life in RUDN
03 Aug
“In my work, the main thing is people. Whatever I design, it should be completely satisfying to society,” – Morjadino Da Fonseca Vera Kruz, PhD student at the Academy of Engineering from Sao Tome and Principe

Morjadino flew from warm Sao Tome to Moscow to receive the profession of an architect of buildings and structures. He loves Khrushchev apartment buildings (5-storey buildings of the 60’s), lives according to the laws of Vitruvius and wants to create something useful for society. We asked Morjadino what motivated him to move to Russia, why he chose Architecture and what project he presented at the Golden Section festival.

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Resident of RUDN Institute of Medicine saves a man’s life on board the plane

July 18, one of the passengers of Qatar Airways Moscow-Doha flight QR340 felt bad. Alaa Al Hajj, a Lebanese resident of RUDN Institute of Medicine (Traumatology and Orthopedics), who was flying on vacation, came to his aid. The young doctor provided first aid and convinced the crew to make an emergency landing at Kuwait International Airport to transfer the passenger to the medical team. Thanks to Alaa, the man remained alive.

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Meaningful summer means comfortable academic year!

The third working semester of the International student construction brigade “Meridian of Friendship” was opened at RUDN University. Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Mikhail Katsarsky motivated the students to work, speaking about his student path in the construction team, tied bandanas to the leaders and handed out tasks.