Financing of post graduate publishing activity will double in 2019

Financing of post graduate publishing activity will double in 2019

RUDN plans to double the budget of the competition for the support of postgraduate publications in journals indexed by the Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus databases, as well as the number of prize places. This was announced at the meeting of the Project 5-100 Management Committee by RUDN Rector Vladimir Filippov.

PhDs and require 1 publication in journals indexed by the Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus databases should help graduate students.

First Vice-Rector have the opportunity to make free publications:

“We have 5 logs in WoS / Scopus databases. For example, “Gravity and Cosmology”, included in Q2, has 2 journals in mathematics “Modern Mathematics” and “Fundamental Directions” and a joint journal with the Kazakh Academy of Experimental Institute named after Al-Farabi. Our scientists publish many articles and with each year the quality and quantity grow. More than 100 publications in Q1 were made by chemists in 2018. ”

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16 Mar
RUDN Research Institute of Molecular and Cellular Medicine is the winner of the Mega-grant of the Russian Science Foundation for 128 million rubles

RUDN University is one of the three winners in the country. The Scientific Research Institute of Molecular and Cellular Medicine of RUDN Institute of Medicine will become a clinical base for a 4-year project in the field of genetic research for the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas.

15 Mar
The chemist RUDN created a catalyst for more efficient oxidation of cyclohexane

The chemist of RUDN together with colleagues from Iran and Spain created a catalyst based on palladium and nickel for the oxidation of cyclohesane in the production of adipic acid, which is used for the production of cleaning products, food dyes and other substances. The new catalyst made it possible to double the consumption of cyclohexane.

10 Mar
Intercultural communication in the context of global integration and the fourth industrial revolution

On February 28, 2023, invited lector Dương Thu Hằng (Head of Department of Vietnamese Literature, Faculty of Philology, Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam) gave lecture entitled “Intercultural communication in the context of global integration and the fourth industrial revolution” within the framework of academic and methodological online seminar of the Foreign Languages Department of the Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN University. The lecture was held online via Microsoft Teams. Languages — the Vietnamese language, the English language & the Russian language.