The signing of the working program for scientific cooperation between RUDN University and the Lebanese University (Beirut)

The signing of the working program for scientific cooperation between RUDN University and the Lebanese University (Beirut)

On the 4 of March, the RUDN University Philological Faculty was visited by the delegation of the Faculty of Philology and Humanities (the Lebanese University).

On the 4 of March, the RUDN University Philological Faculty was visited by the delegation of the Faculty of Philology and Humanities (the Lebanese University). The parties signed the agreement on the implementation of a work program for scientific cooperation, which provides the academic mobility of both universities for lecturing, holding seminars and master classes and conducting joint research projects in the fields of “Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language”, “Theory of translation”, “Arab philology” and etc. One of the points of the agreement was the organization of student exchange for master’s programs “Literature”, “Linguistics”, “Psychological studies” and the holding of joint scientific conferences.

At the end of the negotiations, the head of the Lebanese delegation, Dean of the Faculty of Philological and Humanitarian Sciences of the Lebanese University, Professor Ahmad Raba thanked Victor V. Barabash (the dean of the philological faculty) for his cordial welcome and expressed his confidence in the development of fruitful academic and scientific cooperation.

30 Jan 2018
The conference on international arbitration, where law students from European universities simulate court proceedings and alternately defend the interests of the respondent and the orator.
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03 Nov 2017
June 22 - 26, 2017 in Barnaul, Altai State University, took place the Summer Academy of the BRICS Youth Assembly, an international event that brought together representatives of different countries
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20 Apr
About remote sensing of the earth — RUDN University ecologists at a conference in Egypt

In December, associate professors of the RUDN Institute of Ecology spoke at a conference on remote sensing and space sciences in Egypt, which brought together 150 scientists from 8 countries: Egypt, Turkey, Italy, the USA, India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia.

26 Dec 2022
How waste affects the climate and human health: a master class was held by the Associate Professor of the RUDN Institute of Ecology at Rotary International

In October, Anna Kurbatova, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Environmental Safety and Product Quality Management, held a master class at Rotary International. A report in English on the impact of the waste management industry on climate and human health aroused interest among members of the club and its guests.

26 Dec 2022
The future is in our hands: the International Scientific Conference on 17 Sustainable Development Goals was held at RUDN University for the first time

More than 1,000 students and young scientists from 50 countries became participants in the conference "For the sustainable development of civilization: cooperation, science, education, technology." They discussed improving the quality of human life in terms of the economic, socio-political and environmental sectors and key approaches to minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Five days of productive sessions are over - we tell you what we managed to learn about.

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